“Learn. Grow. Move. Meet.” is the Motto of Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions, open to Swiss and international boarding students as well as day students from the Greater Zurich Area.

The Summer Sessions mission is to enable young students aged 10 to 15 to learn and improve their proficiency in German and  English and to learn Spanish an intio and enjoy a diverse cultural and social programme with plenty of sports and exciting activities.

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our staff team at the Montana Summer Sessions. 

Staff who can help the team, step up to the challenge. Deliver a rich variety of amazing activities during the Summer Sessions to LEARN.GROW.MOVE.MEET. and achieve our shared goal of creating an extraordinary experience for our students.  

Requirements and Key Qualifications 

  • You must be over 21 years of age.

  • You have a good knowledge of English and/or German. Knowledge of other languages is an asset.

  • You are enthusiastic and can nurture students' learning and personal development; possess a strong desire and flexibility to actively support the Summer Sessions programme as a specialist in some areas as well supporting others you might be less familiar with; friendliness, a sense of responsibility, initiative and the organizational talent to work within the Summer Sessions team.

  • You lead by example, are punctual, polite and have a positive authority with the students; you have the patience, psychological skills and energy to deal with challenging situations in an effective and professional manner.

  • You do not possess any past or current criminal convictions. When on duty you comply with an absolute no alcohol, no smoking policy at the Montana Summer Sessions. 

Important Dates and Staff Availability

  • 10 July 2018 from 14:00 onwards - staff arrival

  • 11 July 2018 - start of 3-day staff orientation programme

  • 14 July 2018 - official start of Montana Summer Sessions, students arrive

  • 11 August 2018 - closure of Montana Summer Sessions, students depart

  • 12 August 2018 - staff depart after lunch.

External first-time staff members are required to work for the full Summer Session programme (4-weeks). Please be advised that no exceptions can be made.

The main specialist responsibilities you will be carrying out during the Summer Sessions could include:

Language Teacher (EFL qualification and experience necessary)

You teach an English language course for a small group of students on a beginner or an intermediate level. The courses are taught every morning from Monday to Friday between breakfast and lunch. Based on a predefined curriculum, you engage the students in your lessons and support them individually in improving their language proficiency.

Themes Activities Mentor 

You guide the students through a two-week activity theme in defined areas. The two sessions for the activity themes will take place during the afternoon when students are divided into age groups. Topic excursions are included on Wednesday afternoons. The activity themes are: business & leadership, science & technology, creativity & arts, people, places & stories (ages 10-13), study skills (ages 14-15).

Sports Mentor 

You organize and coach a varied sports programme for the students on campus. The two sports sessions of this programme stream take place in the afternoon, alternating with the other activity themes. The sports programme should include team building activities, challenges and competitions for which prizes will be given at the end of the two sessions.

Boarding Mentor

You supervise the boarding students after the daily programme, during meal times and while on excursions. You support the weekend programme and, with the whole team, create enriching activities to foster cultural learning and communication between the students.

The above summaries are just an outline of the main responsibilities and should be used as a guideline only. Detailed Job descriptions will be discussed in the staff induction programme.

Work permit, Remuneration and Insurance

  • If you are not a Swiss national you need to have a valid Swiss working permit or you need to be eligible to obtain a short-term working permit in Switzerland. This will not normally be a problem if you are a citizen of an EU-25 or EFTA country.

  • Each member of staff receives an individual employment contract.

  • Remuneration is attractive and competitive, based on an internal salary scale. It will be set according to the qualifications and experience of individual staff members and their responsibilities during the Summer Sessions. The remuneration package includes full room and board during the entire Summer Sessions. Rooms are single gender and usually comprise two beds with shared bathroom. We provide Summer Session uniform (Polo shirt and Sweatshirt). Expenses during excursions that you are supervising will be paid by the school.

  • Accident Insurance is covered by Institut Montana during the contractual period, while you are on duty.

  • Medical Insurance is not covered and is mandatory for everyone working in Switzerland. Short period’s workers (with a permit valid for less than 3 months) are exempted if they are covered in their home Countries by an insurance equivalent to the Swiss one.

  • Please note that traveling expenses will not be refunded.

Families and Children

  • We will consider applicants who would like to bring their families but please be aware it can be difficult to arrange for them to stay with you. Also, spouses being able to work together at the Summer Sessions will depend on their qualifications and experiences.

  • Accompanying children are eligible to participate in the Summer Session programme (ages 10-15) and can also join the Summer Session programme as boarding students at a reduced fee. This will depend on availability of places.

  • Please contact us in advance and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Useful Information