Our History, Your History

In 1926, Dr Max Husmann had a vision. After witnessing the atrocities of World War I, he created a school set to educate future generations on the values of internationalism, individualism and integration. When you understand the world and yourself, you will be able to live with integrity which benefits you and society itself. This was his vision that first opened our doors to students and one that we continue to enshrine and bring up our students with, you. 

We understand the significance of people and that’s why most of our teachers hold advanced degrees to ensure you are being taught by an expert in their subject. With a 4:1 student to staff ratio and an average class size of 10, your teacher will know you personally and work closely with you to enhance your strengthens and improve your weaknesses. Our personalised approach will have you reach your goals and fulfil your potential. 

With over 40 nationalities represented on campus, you will gain a well-rounded perspective, make lifelong friends and benefit from a global network. Our clubs, sports and extracurricular activities will enrich your overall studies and your time with us as you develop a new passion. You will broaden your interests and horizons and become a global citizen ready to tackle any challenge or opportunity that presents itself at school and beyond.

Our 60-acre campus on Mt. Zugerberg offers the necessary seclusion and security needed to flourish during your studies. You will find various activities to engage with on- and off-campus and be a part of our international community. Overall, our environment will enable you to discover new experiences, step out of your comfort zone and become a more confident individual. 

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