Philosophy & Objectives

Caring for the learner, fostering the character, building a community. Based on a humanist tradition, our founder built a school that set a premium on internationalism and individual attention. His vision has remained the cornerstone of our philosophy and teaching methods for more than 90 years.

Dr Max Husmann founded Institut Montana with a mission to train youth for responsible citizenship in the global community by cultivating the character in regard to moral, physical and intellectual development. He believed that only through the study and acceptance of different cultures and languages could an international understanding be developed.

His educational philosophy focused on respecting and nurturing the individuality of students, while guiding them to a life of responsibility and independence. To do this the school has always provided a familial atmosphere and a sense of community, maintaining its manageable size of max. 350 students. While Dr Husmann wished for every student to become immersed in other cultures and languages, it was also vital to him that students keep a sense of their own heritage and culture, and not become uprooted.

Our educational philosophy has therefore focused on individualised attention and a unique international education since our inception in 1926.

Through contact with our international school body, students learn to become respectful and successful global citizens. Leadership is trained under the humanistic principle, which underlines the development of personal talents and responsibility towards others. Individual attention is maintained through small class sizes and through personal contact. It allows our students’ particular talents to develop and to instil in them a sense of responsibility and purpose. A special value is placed on the teaching of languages and the meeting of cultures.

Respect for one’s surrounding environment has always been a part of Dr Husmann’s philosophy. Our school has become increasingly environmentally conscious, teaching and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Philosophy & Objectives Statement

In spring 2012, students, teachers, staff and alumni gathered to reformulate the school’s philosophy and objectives statement, defining it for the new era:

Caring for the learner, fostering the character, building a community


A Montana student cultivates a disposition to learn that helps him or her achieve academic success at Montana and beyond. Institut Montana offers individualized learning environments in which dedicated faculty and staff educate students to become enthusiastic, critical and resourceful thinkers who address complex issues creatively as individual and cooperative learners.


A Montana student strives to become a confident, courageous and reflective individual, who develops awareness of his or her personal strengths and persists in reaching short- and long-term goals while contributing to the achievement of community goals. Institut Montana promotes commitment to school values and assists students in determining a successful future path based on their interests and talents.


A Montana student develops as a member of a Swiss and international community, and creates life-long friendships catalysed by the school’s familial atmosphere. Institut Montana, with its safe, healthy, idyllic, yet centrally located setting on the Zugerberg, is a unique place where young people are brought together in a multilingual environment that fosters open-mindedness, respect and responsibility, and prepares them to tackle the challenges of today’s society.

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