Bilingual Secondary School

Our bilingual secondary school offers students in grades 7 to 9 a way to bridge the gap between elementary school and high school with extra support – be it for our Swiss high school or international school.

Who is the Bilingual Secondary School for?

If you’re an international or Swiss student looking to complete the Swiss Matura or earn the IB Diploma but are in need of further support – then this is the school for you. We will plan a step-by-step path for you to follow which includes intensive language support in German and French and individualised tutoring support as well as self-organised learning units with the help of adaptive learning tools. If you’re a Swiss student and have the needed recommendation from your previous school, then you can enter this programme to improve your English skills and have the option to join our high school that follows the Swiss curriculum after grade 8 or 9, grades permitting.

Once you complete this programme, you can transfer to our Swiss high school to obtain the federal Swiss Matura and then attend a Swiss university of your choice. Depending on your personal goals, you can also receive a full Secondary School Degree based on the new Curriculum 21 to attend vocational training, commercial or upper-secondary specialised school after grade 9. Or, you can continue on to our international school where you can then go to a university in Switzerland or abroad.

Benefiting from Individualised Support

In order to systematically foster and support your individual development, our teachers actively take on the role of a learning coach. Your development will be monitored closely from grades 7 to 9 and modern teaching methods in small groups will allow you to have your progress and perspective continuously reviewed in order to reach your personal goal.

The Value of Bilingualism

Our bilingual secondary school bridges the gap between our Swiss and international school programmes by consistently promoting bilingual education in German and English as well as French as a third language. This programme will build on your language skills and specifically support the improvement of your German, English or French.

Additional language courses, including fast-track options, are offered according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for German as a foreign language with certificates from the Goethe Institute, for English as a foreign language with certificates from the Cambridge English Assessment and for French with the DELF Certificates. These language certificates are internationally acknowledged and valued worldwide. Thus, based on your previous knowledge and learning capability, you will be placed in groups of 2-4 students with experienced and qualified teachers to ensure maximum learning progress and greater personal attention.

Principal of the Bilingual Secondary School

Bilingual Secondary School Information (PDF)

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