Individual Support

The personalised support of each student has been a corner stone of our educational and boarding philosophy for more than 90 years. Through small class sizes, our advisory system, and a variety of one-on-one counselling and tutorial options, we ensure that our students receive the support they need to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

A founding principle of our boarding school education has been to ensure our students receive personalised support, attuned to their strengths and personality. Personal interactions with students allow our teaching and boarding staff to identify and respond to individual needs early.

Key to our support programme is a system of fluent and effective communication between students, teaching and boarding staff, and parents. This information flow allows us to identify a student’s potential, and possible difficulties early, and offer help or academic advancement.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes with an average of 8 to 10 students help teachers focus on each student’s academic development, and lead to increased classroom participation. Through the individual attention teachers are able to afford their students, those struggling receive dedicated support where needed, while academically advanced students continue to be challenged and nurtured.

Academic Advisors

Each student is placed under the care of a personal academic advisor. The advisor is the first point of contact for students regarding issues both academic and personal. Students have a dedicated timetabled advisor period once per week and the opportunity to meet more frequently if required. Through our advisor system we ensure our students’ academic and personal progress and wellbeing.

Supervised Study Time – “Studium”

In order to guarantee our students are given time and quiet to study and complete their assignments we have regular study periods, known at Institut Montana as Studium. Supervised by our teachers, Studium regularly takes place after activities/before dinner and after dinner on school days. Studium is held in groups in our study hall, media centre and in classrooms.

Attendance is compulsory for boarders and optional for day students. Attendance requirements vary according to grade level and academic standing, with older students of good academic standing allowed to study in their rooms. Studium is no longer compulsory for grades 11 and 12, but nevertheless often attended.

Specialised Learning Support

We offer specialised care and support for students with minor learning disabilities. The atmosphere at Institut Montana, away from bustling city life, with qualified and experienced teaching staff helps students thrive and focus on their studies. External advisors and support staff are available, and are chosen by parents in coordination with the school.

Private Lessons

Students who would like or require additional support with their studies are offered optional private lessons in their chosen subjects after initial feedback with parents. Private lessons incur additional charges.

Why Institut Montana Zugerberg?

  • A comprehensive and excellent education

  • A dedicated team ensuring individualised support

  • A Swiss and international school community

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