International School

Our International School offers a comprehensive six-year university preparatory programme geared towards successful completion of the IB Diploma.

Our International School offers students from grades 7 to 12 a high-quality education designed to guide them through the rigours of the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes and to prepare them for successful university studies.

We combine the best programmes in international education in our vertically integrated curriculum to offer you a challenging and well-rounded array of subjects. Beginning with the Pre-IGCSE Programme in grades 7-8, you will be immersed in a culture of independent thought and learning. By the IGCSE years in grades 9-10, you will encounter externally marked assessments, including written examinations, coursework and oral speaking tests, ideally preparing you for successful completion of the IB Diploma Programme or High School Diploma by the end of grade 12.

Our rich multicultural environment will give you a variety of interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences, inspiring you to explore, transform and be empowered.

Pre-IGCSE Programme (Grades 6-8)

Our Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme will give you the knowledge and skills required to be successful at the IGCSE and IB Diploma stages of your studies. We will challenge you to become a critical thinker and lifelong learner – qualities required to triumph in later stages of education and life in general.

IGCSE Curriculum (Grades 9-10)

During the IGCSE years, you will be thoroughly prepared to take the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations and earn your IGCSE certificates at the end of this stage. The IGCSE qualification is globally recognised and lays down the foundation for a successful transition to our IB Diploma and High School Diploma programmes. You also have opportunities to create a well-rounded university application by participating in co-curricular activities, and by being an active member in our international community.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grades 11 & 12)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a world-renowned qualification for students looking to have a broad knowledge in various subjects, become a critical thinker and a global citizen. Our IB Diploma Programme pass rate and overall scores are consistently above the world average, enabling your access to competitive universities.

During your last two years of high school, the IB Diploma Programme will enhance your critical thinking, challenge you to be more open-minded, and develop your interpersonal skills as you learn various subjects to prepare for your university studies.

Subjects include:

- Language & Literature
- Language Acquisition
- Individuals & Societies
- Sciences
- Mathematics
- The Arts or another subject from the above mentioned

You will also complete three requirements that make up the core of the IB Diploma Programme:

- The Extended Essay – an in-depth independent research project
- Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – a course on critical thinking and the nature of knowledge
- Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) – a scheme of on-going commitment and experiential learning outside the classroom.

You will finish the programme by taking externally marked written examinations, and by completing a variety of course and core assessments.

High School Diploma

Our High School Diploma creates confident individuals who have a solid base of knowledge and are well-rounded as a result of our extracurricular activities. Classes are available at a variety of levels of difficulty and we will work together with you to decide which courses best suit your strengths and interests. We also offer the opportunity to enrol in IB classes so that you can earn the IB course recognition where relevant.

Support, College Counselling, English as an Additional Language

Throughout your time at our school, you will be provided with specialised programmes for academic support, college counselling, and if English is not your native language, you will learn the language through our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme. Our college counsellor will work with you from grade 10 onwards to ensure that you are aware of all requirements needed for your ideal university, deadlines and will help you with your application as well.

Principal of the International School

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