Language Learning

Internationality and teaching foreign languages have a longstanding tradition at our school and are a part of our philosophy. 

Our founder, Dr Max Husmann, believed that true international understanding, and a better world, could only be created if communication between cultures and nations were increased. Thus, at Institut Montana Zugerberg, learning and studying languages are promoted in both our academic and social setting, as our international community is made up of over 40 nationalities. 

The language of instruction at our schools are German or English or both, depending on the selected programme of study. If your native language is not the language of instruction, we offer specialized language support to help you attain full competency. This involves learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), German as an Additional Language (Deutsch als Zweitsprache, DaZ) or other forms of individualised language support on a case-by-case basis so that you can succeed in school and obtain the diploma needed to take your next steps. 

Why Institut Montana Zugerberg?

  • A comprehensive and excellent education

  • A dedicated team ensuring individualised support

  • A Swiss and international school community

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