Swiss High School

With over 80 years of experience, we offer our students a comprehensive and balanced six-year education leading to the federally recognised Swiss Matura.

Since 1936, our Swiss high school has been recognised by the Canton of Zug to award the Swiss Matura and is recognised by the federal government. This prestigious and first-rate education allows you to further your education at any Swiss university and is accepted as an exclusive, high-quality education by foreign institutions.

With this programme, you will receive a broad education of the highest quality and will be challenged with a diverse curriculum in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

You must also learn a minimum of three languages and can choose between two Matura tracks that consist of six years; either the German-language Matura or the bilingual Matura. You will also be taught by an experienced faculty who all hold at minimum a Master’s degree in their subjects as well as qualifications to teach at the Matura level.

The Swiss Matura

The Swiss Matura’s six-year programme is divided into two distinct phases:

The first phase encompassing G1-G3 (grades 7-9), is designed to enhance your learning skills and build a solid foundation of knowledge required to successfully attain the Swiss Matura Diploma.

In the second phase, G4-G6 (grades 10-12), you will learn a wide range of subjects and choose to specialise in higher-level specialisation subjects and a chosen elective. During your second semester of G5 and first semester of G6, you will have to complete an independent research project or thesis.

The Bilingual Matura

As English has long become the most widely spoken language in the world, ambitious students can choose our Bilingual Matura to be fluent in both English and German.

The bilingual programme begins in G1 (grade 7). If you join our school at a later stage or wish to transfer to the bilingual track, you will be required to take an English proficiency test and an additional English course at an extra cost to supplement the regular curriculum, if needed.

Alongside mandatory English courses, you will also have to take geography, history, mathematics, and music which are all taught in English. In G4-G6 (grades 10-12), you will receive approximately 740 lessons in English in these subjects.

You will also have to complete your independent research project or thesis in English and study abroad for five weeks in an English-speaking country, usually during the school holidays.

Students have the option to take the English language exam in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, to facilitate applications to international universities.

Subjects Offered in the Swiss Matura High School Programme

Basic Subjects

- German, French, and English
- Mathematics and Practical Geometry
- Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Introduction to Natural Sciences
- Introduction to Economics and Law and History
- Arts or Music (G3-G5)

Additional Subjects

- Physical Education
- Typing
- World Religion
- Computer Science
- Working Methodology 
- Industrial Methods and Media Studies

Subjects Taught in English in the Bilingual Matura Programme

- Mathematics (G3-G6)
- History (G3-G6)
- Geography (G1-G2)

Higher Level Subjects for Specialisation for G4-G6

-Physics and Applied Mathematics
- Economics and Law
- Spanish           

Electives* in G6

- Biology
- Arts
- History
- Physical Education
- Geography 

* Please note that we offer the three subjects that students show the most interest in; availability is based on this. 

Individual Support, College Counselling, German as an Additional Language (DaZ)

Throughout your time at our school, you will be offered specialised programmes for academic support, college counselling, and if German is not your native language, you will learn German through our German as an Additional Language (DaZ) Programme.

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