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With 75 years of experience, we offer our students a comprehensive and balanced six-year education leading to the federally recognised Matura. Our traditional and bilingual Matura programmes serve as excellent preparation for university studies and allow our students to enter a Swiss university of their choice.

Our Swiss Gymnasium has been recognised by the Canton of Zug to award the Swiss Matura since 1936, and is recognised by the federal government. This prestigious and first-rate education permits students to study at any Swiss university or institute of technology, and is accepted as an exclusive high-quality education by foreign institutions.

The aim of the Matura programme is to give students a broad educational background of the highest quality, while allowing for choice and specialisation, and to permit them to access institutions of higher education. We therefore offer our students a challenging and diverse curriculum in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Students are also required to study three languages at minimum.

Students have a choice between two Matura tracks of six years, covering G1 (grade 7) to G6 (grade 12): the traditional Matura programme in German and the bilingual Matura programme in German and English. For each track, we offer the following subjects for higher-level specialisation, as of G4 (grade 10), of which students choose one:

  • Spanish

  • Economics and Law

  • Physics and Applied Mathematics

Our experienced faculty all hold at minimum a university Master’s degree in their subjects as well as qualifications to teach at a Matura level.

Swiss Matura

The Swiss Matura’s six-year programme is divided into two distinct phases:

The first phase encompassing G1-G3 (grades 7-9) is designed to teach our students the learning skills and the solid foundation of knowledge they will require to successfully attain the Matura Diploma.

In the second phase, G4-G6 (grades 10-12), students have the opportunity to increase their range of knowledge in the basic subjects, study their chosen specialisation in higher-level subjects (Schwerpunktfach) and study their chosen elective (Ergänzungsfach).

During their 2nd semester of G5 and 1st semester of G6, students in the Matura programme must complete an independent research project/thesis known as the Maturaarbeit.

The Bilingual Matura

English has long become the dominant language in international communication. For diligent students who wish to immerse themselves in English language education, we offer a bilingual path to the Matura.

The bilingual programme begins in G1 (grade 7). For students who join our school at a later stage, or students wishing to transfer to the bilingual programme, a test of English is required, and an additional English course (at extra cost) is offered to supplement the regular curriculum if necessary.

Next to mandatory English, the subjects Geography, History, Mathematics, and Music are taught fully in English (language immersion). In G4-G6 (grades 10-12), students receive approximately 740 lessons in English in these subjects.

Students in this Matura track are also required to write their Maturaarbeit in English, and visit an English study-abroad course totalling 5 weeks in an English speaking country. These courses are generally visited during school vacations.

Students have the option to take the English language exam in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, facilitating applications to international universities.

Subjects Offered in the Swiss Gymnasium Matura Programme

Higher Level Subjects for Specialisation (“Schwerpunktfächer”)

  • Physics and Applied Mathematics

  • Economics and Law

  • Spanish

Basic Subjects (“Grundlagenfächer”)

  • German

  • French

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • History

  • Introduction to Economics and Law

  • Arts

  • Music

  • Practical Geometry

  • Introductory Natural Sciences

Electives (“Ergänzungsfächer”)

  • Biology

  • Arts

  • History

  • Physical Education

Additional Subjects (“Zusatzfächer”)

  • Physical Education

  • Typing

  • Religion / World Religion

  • Computer Science

  • Industrial Methods / Media Studies

Subjects Taught in English in the Bilingual Matura Programme

  • Mathematics (G3-G6)

  • History (G3-G6)

  • Geography (G1-G2)

Individual Support, College Counselling, German as an Additional Language (DaZ)

Throughout their time at our school, our students are offered constant guidance and counselling. We offer specialised programmes for academic support, college counselling, and for students whose first language is not German through our German as an Additional Language (DaZ) programme. 

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