Guido Bissig, our Head of Music on the cover of “Surentaler Anzeiger”

Since a while our Head of Music at Institut Montana, Guido Bissig, prepares the program of "West Side Story". With the students of the Montana Choir and 3 local music clubs from Triengen, the concert is already receiving media attention in advance.

14 April 2020
As musical director, Guido Bissig has been planning and rehearsing for weeks with the children's choir of the Institut Montana and the local music clubs Triengen to organize a perfect event. The first performance will take place on October 18th in the Theater Casino, one month later on November 17th then the concert in Pfarrkirche St. Laurentius in Triengen.
You can find an online version of the complete German article on the cover of the Surentaler Anzeiger here.

At our events webpage you can as well follow the link to buy tickets for the concert in November.

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