“Chinese Literature and Culture” programme introduced

The Chinese Literature and Culture programme will be offered to students from China and in our IGCSE programme from the second semester of this school year.

15 January 2015

This is a two-tiered programme that explores both the literature and culture of China. The programme will be taught by two Chinese tutors that were hired from Zug as well as from Zurich University.

The first tier is a general introduction to the literary history of China, to include major schools of thought and style in literature, and critical theories—both past and contemporary—regarding approaches to literary analysis.

The second tier moves from the theory and the appreciation of literature and literary analysis to broad discussions regarding both the sharing of writing practices and the writing of essays and commentaries on literature. Essays may also be topical in nature, reflecting current events in Chinese culture, and students will have the opportunity to participate in cultural events related to China in the greater Zürich area.

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