Swiss High School Graduation 2019

On Friday, 21 June 2019, our Swiss High School graduating class celebrated the successful completion of their Matura and the end of their time with us at Institut Montana.

16 July 2019

For any student, the end of school is always a highlight. After nights of cramming for exams and focusing on various subjects, they finally get their hard-earned diploma. However, receiving the degree also means saying goodbye to the teachers and friends with whom they have spent so much time with - a final challenge at school.
Despite a poor weather forecast, the sun fought its way through the clouds and spoiled us with sun rays and a blue sky. As every year, our high school graduates entered the auditorium in their festive dresses and suits, and the excitement could be felt throughout the Aula.
Ralph Späni, Principal of the Swiss High School, gave the opening speech and hosted the entire Matura ceremony. Alongside the "Oscars" theme, some students were given an award based on a certain category such as "Best Silent Film". Mr Späni not only welcomed parents, relatives, and faculty members, but also the Director of Education, Stephan Schleiss, who for the fifth year in a row joined us as a representative of the Canton of Zug.
“On the one hand,” Alexander Biner, our Director, said, “Today is a day of great relief and on the other hand, it’s a day full of memories, emotions and reflections on the experiences of the past days, months, and even years. The world has become more complex and fast-moving, but - and this is sometimes less emphasised - offers more options, more opportunities and more chances to pursue personal interests and abilities. You are now well prepared for the world of today and tomorrow". concluded Biner. 
We are particularly proud of the "Best Matura" award which Elena Trütsch received due to her final score of 5.46. A great feat!
Other annual awards included the Husmann Award and the Jean-Martin Steinmann Award. The Husmann Award goes to the student who best lived the Montana values which Alexandra Trofimova received. The Jean-Martin Steinmann Award goes to the student who has made the greatest progress which was awarded to Helen/Olena Kornilova who first came to us six years ago with little-to-no German and English.
We congratulate our graduating class of 2019:

Alican Brun, Christopher Elsener, Léon Fisseler, Ion Froriep, Helen/Olena Kornilova, Nikita Gudaev, Sarah Guido, Elisabeth Koch, Giancarlo Leo, Damian Sigron, Diana Sigron, Manuel Strebel, Alexandra Trofimova and Elena Trütsch. 

As Biner put it, "We congratulate you on passing your Matura and wish you all the best for the future. Wherever you go in this world, never forget: All roads lead to the Zugerberg".

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