Our Director again in the News - Institut Montana remains the last boarding school in the canton of Zug

With the closing of the boarding school in the Kollegium St. Michael at the foot of the ZugerbergInstitut Montana remains the last boarding school in Zug. Despite high costs for boarding school operations and a shrinking market throughout Switzerland, our director Alexander Biner sees the future positively.

29 June 2020
As the Zuger Zeitung reports, the Kollegium St. Michael in Zug will close its boarding school in the coming school year. The reason given is a sharp drop in boarding school students. Out of over 100 boarding school students in 1999, only 13 have stayed. This makes Institut Montana the only boarding school in the canton of Zug, and it should stay a boarding school in the future as well, as our director Alexander Biner points out: "The boarding school will remain an integral part of our offer. It is an important pillar and has been an integral part of our history since 1926." While the day school in Montana is already reaching its limits, he still sees good opportunities for growth in boarding. Complete digitisation of the classes and in the admissions, including a virtual campus tour, also contributes to this. Alexander Biner regrets the closure of the boarding school in St. Michael, but looks positively towards the future of Institut Montana. 
Read here the full German article published in the Zuger Zeitung on 16 June 2020.

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