Friendship Agreement Xiangming High School Shanghai China

We are proud to announce the signing of a friendship agreement with Xiang Ming High School, one of the leading public schools in Shanghai, China.

20 March 2014

On the occasion of this year’s visit to China, Institut Montana Zugerberg established an international fellowship with Shanghai Xiangming High School in Shanghai, China, seeking to promote friendship and cooperation between the schools and to foster cultural exchanges between Shanghai and Zug. Institut Montana Zugerberg and Xiangming High School have much in common, including a long-standing history with esteemed traditions, and the values and philosophy embedded in truly international education.

Xiangming High School, one of Shanghai’s oldest and most highly reputable public schools, is located in the heart of city centre. It was founded in 1902 by the famous Chinese educator Xiangbo Ma. In 2005, the school was selected by the Shanghai municipal education commission as an exemplary senior school. The character of Xiangming High School accrues from an open-minded, multicultural, and modern stance that respects tradition. The school is committed to the comprehensive education of its students, to include the development of their personalities, creativity, and personal experiences. Internationalism is a key attribute of the educational programmes of the school.

Building on the foundations of their histories, traditions and shared values, the schools through their new friendship agreement seek to

  • Foster communication between the students and faculties of both schools, and promote and cultivate awareness and appreciation of their respective cultures.
  • Offer mutual learning experiences for students of each school, e.g. by providing opportunities for mutual exchange visits.
  • Establish and nurture collaboration between the faculties of the schools, fostering exchanges regarding teaching practices, and providing mutual professional development opportunities.

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