Excursions and Activities at Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions

With our summer sessions coming up this July and August, some of the warmest months that Switzerland experiences, plenty of excursions and activities are on the table for our students to enjoy.

01 May 2019
“During the summer camp, we have four weekends total which means plenty of time to explore what Switzerland has to offer,” says Mathias Heine, our Head of Activities during our summer sessions. “I try to mix sports with culture so that students can have a well-rounded experience. Some of the places I’m planning on taking us to include: 
The Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Switzerland and Europe. There’s also a high rope park in the nearby city of Schaffhausen which is always a favourite. 
Victorinox to learn about the brand and the iconic Swiss army knife at their museum as well as kicking back later in the beach area in the town of Brunnen. 
Hiking to the Klöntaler-/ Vierwaldstättersee, an easy-going hike that is known for lake that has a mirror-smooth water surface. 
A visit to the Transport Museum in Lucerne or the Technorama in Winterthur, depending on the students’ interest. 
Partaking in glassbowling in Hergiswil so students can see how it’s made. 
Staying overnight in Lugano, one of the cities found in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. 
And so much more! 
Both during the school year as well as in our summer camps, we aim to ensure students get a well-rounded curriculum of academics and extracurricular activities in order to stimulate their minds and their modes. As Mathias reinforces, “After the children have been sitting in school all morning, it is very important that they move around afterwards. These activities of course have to also be varied so that the children don’t get bored. We offer students a mix of sports, cultural and creative activities to keep up their enthusiasm. Each activity is designed to strengthen creativity, concentration and health – a must for any child.” 

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