Alumni Feature: Adrianna Lemieux – From Model United Nations to a Future in International Development

In her time at Institut Montana, the experiences Adrianna took in an international school environment and especially taking part at Model United Nations, formed her desire to study International Development

28 May 2020

Discussing international issues is essential, especially during a time of such turmoil. This has been important for Adrianna ever since she came to Montana in 2013. Along with two other brave 10th graders, she joined Mr. Widén’s Model United Nations (MUN) extra-curricular, which was unlike anything she had experienced before. Attending conferences in Basel, Paris and Berlin allowed her to develop connections with like-minded students across Europe. “My MUN experience was reflective of my time at Montana. It was very interesting to discuss certain topics in IB Biology or History, and then to be able to use that knowledge within our MUN practices or at conferences. Being able to connect with people from all over the world over so many shared experiences was incredibly impactful.”

Her passion for international affairs followed her to McGill University in Montreal, Canada. “Alongside the many intensive IB classes I took with such wonderful and inspiring teachers, Model United Nations helped me find my path after Montana.” She pursued an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies with minors in Political Science and Immunology, focusing her studies on health policy and global health.

Outside of her studies, Adrianna joined McGill University’s Model United Nations team, competing in conferences across North America, including at the University of Virginia and at Yale University. She extended her involvement towards MUN conference organization, serving for two years  on the Secretariat of eastern Canada’s largest MUN conference, the Secondary Schools’ United Nations Symposium (SSUNS), and staffing McGill’s University-level MUN conference. “SSUNS was an incredible experience. I wanted to help teenagers have similar opportunities to those that I had in high school, and to be able to to grow and impact their community.” SSUNS also gave her the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China, to chair a committee in China’s largest Model United Nations conference, WEMUN Expo 2019.

“My time in Model UN, both in high school and university, has been very formative. I am so proud to see Montana host its own Model United Nations conference. Talking about issues important to students outside of the classroom is very important, and hopefully inspires them to take actions towards making the world around them a better place.”

Her time at Montana was a solid foundation for her to go out and explore all the different career and educational possibilities in Montreal. “Being able to connect with people from all over has led me to where I am today. I’m really excited to see what the future holds, and hope to be present at an upcoming Alumni reunion.”

Adrianna is now pursuing a career in communications, hoping to advance her education in communications and public health. “Graduating in 2020 is like entering a completely alien landscape. With no convocation or in-person job interviews due to COVID-19, it’s a very different and unfamiliar environment. I’m thinking of all graduating students during these hard times, and look forward to the positive changes our voices will bring to society.”

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