Boarding Facilities

Our school and boarding facilities are built around two former grand hotels. Acquired in 1926 and 1937, they have undergone extensive renovation since. Our campus now holds four residential and school buildings, a gym and various areas for extracurricular activities.

Our large, 60-acre campus extends over the picturesque and natural setting of the Zugerberg, right above the city of Zug. School life takes place around four main buildings, which all hold dormitories, classrooms and offices. Our grounds also include a health centre, a gym, fitness rooms, as well as various other extracurricular facilities, such as a natural grass football pitch, four tennis courts, beach volleyball and basketball courts, and an ice rink.

Our boarding students are housed in one of the four boarding houses based on their age and gender. Each boarding house is under the direction of qualified and dedicated houseparents, who are responsible for their boarders’ round-the-clock care and supervision.

Students have access to a multiple common areas. We offer various lounges and “living rooms” in each house which serve as informal centres for our students’ social and community life. Our common areas are all equipped with internet connections (Wi-Fi).

The boarding experience enhances our school’s multicultural and international character, with staff and students from a variety of different backgrounds and continents. Overall, our school community unites more than 40 different nationalities.


Dormitory Life

Our students are housed in either single or double rooms. The dormitory rooms are fully furnished, and can be decorated by our students to make them feel at home.

All our boarding houses have multiple shower stalls and bathrooms located on each floor. Each floor also has a common room or lounge for boarders to socialise in, which are equipped with a television, video game consoles, table football, a fridge, washing machine and basic cooking utensils (where age appropriate).

Dormitories, including students’ rooms, are regularly cleaned by our cleaning staff, but students are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy. A weekly laundry service is also available for our students at an extra cost.

Schönfels, “Grosses Haus”

Opened in 1869 as the Grand Hotel Schönfels and reopened as the Institut Montana in 1926, the Schönfels building is commonly referred to as “Grosses Haus” by our staff and students. This building still forms the centre of campus life today, containing many of our administrative offices, classrooms, and the dining hall.

This building houses our older boys over the age of 15 on the upper three floors, as well as a common room for all our students on the bottom floor. Known as the “Blue Room”, it holds a billiard table, table football and areas for students to study and socialise in.


The Felsenegg building was opened in 1854 as Hotel Felsenegg and has been part of our school since 1937. Between 1996 and 2003 the old buildings were replaced in stages by a new building and an annex. The historically important wing holding the Auditorium was carefully renovated.

Today, the new Felsenegg building houses the girls' dormitory. Next to the beautiful Art Nouveau Auditorium, known as the Aula, it also holds the study-hall, a separate fitness room, as well as classrooms and administrative offices. On the bottom floor students find the library and media centre, as well as art rooms and studio.


Built as an annex to Grand Hotel Schönfels, and directly connected by a covered bridge, Juventus houses our younger boys, aged 10-15.

It is also home to our science laboratories and various classrooms.

Châlet Suisse

Built in Interlaken (Bernese Oberland) as Châlet Suisse for the Milan World Fair of 1906, at which it was exhibited, the original owner of Hotel Schönfels bought and relocated the building onto the Zugerberg, where it first served as a restaurant.

In 1930 it was refurbished as a dormitory, and has since then housed our oldest and most accomplished boys. Students wishing to live in the Châlet Suisse must be of a mature age and be in excellent academic and personal standing.

The building also houses the health centre, where our nurse is on regular duty. The student shop, known as the ‘Kiosk’, is located in the basement. Students are able to purchase anything they would need, from toiletries to school supplies.

Additional Facilities

Our extracurricular facilities include a gym, two fitness rooms, basketball and beach volleyball courts, ice rink, football pitch, as well as multiple tennis courts. For more information on our extracurricular offer, please see our activities page.

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