Boarding Life

Instilling enthusiasm for learning and life. We aim to educate our boarding students to be responsible, tolerant and creative young adults who become valuable members of society. Our dedicated boarding staff achieve this by offering guidance and support in a familial atmosphere.

Through boarding life, our students learn to live with and integrate themselves into an international community. They learn to accept and cope with their strengths and weaknesses as well as those of others, and learn to share their living environment. We teach our students responsibility and ethical behaviour, while promoting cultural openness and a willingness to learn.

Our boarding community comprises over 40 different nationalities. This mixture of cultures, languages and characters helps our students develop a respect and appreciation for others and refine vital social skills. Living in our community also facilitates the making of lifelong friendships, as can be witnessed during our regular alumni gatherings.

Supervision & Care

We pride ourselves on giving our students a great extent of individual support in order to develop their unique strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Our international and multicultural team of dedicated boarding staff supports our students both in a social as well as in an academic setting. Students live in one of our four boarding houses, on the basis of their gender and age (see boarding facilities). Houseparents are the first point of contact for students and are responsible for the supervision of their houses. Our boarding staff always provide an open ear for students. A member of staff is available for students at all times for medical or emotional emergencies.

Our qualified nurse is responsible for taking care of our students’ health. Students have access to medical facilities, with a purpose built health-centre on campus. In case of an emergency, our school doctor and Zug Hospital are only 15 minutes away.



For emotional emergencies or problems we provide a variety of external counselling options.
Many of our boarders choose to stay on the Zugerberg over weekends and select holidays, with staff organising a variety of activities and excursions. Students are allowed to leave campus over the weekend, e.g. to go home or visit friends, only with their parents’ permission.

Daily Routines & Rules

Our structured daily routines create and strengthen good habits. They instil and promote a strong work ethic, regular work rhythm and a healthy lifestyle. Students are taught the values of punctuality and good manners, and responsibility towards themselves and others.

Reasonable house rules enforce and teach consideration of others. With their entrance into boarding life, students adjust to the house rules, begin to learn self-discipline, and work on their character. We enforce rules and discipline in a fair and familial manner, and with a certain amount of flexibility.

As students mature, they receive more responsibilities and simultaneously more freedom to organise their day and study habits independently. Decision making factors include age, academic performance, disciplinary record and general attitude.

Policies on Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs

Smoking is strictly prohibited for all students under the legal smoking age of 16. For students of legal age, we require written parental consent, and allow smoking only in our dedicated smoker’s corner at the edge of campus.

Alcohol is not allowed on campus and we have a strict no drugs policy. In order to enforce our rules, we conduct alcohol and drug testing, randomly, as well as on suspicion.

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