Boarding Life

Our dedicated boarding staff offers guidance and support in a familial atmosphere so that our boarding students can become responsible and well-rounded young adults. 

When you live at our boarding school, you will learn to live and integrate into an international community. You will live with a roommate from a different country who will teach you about their culture as you share yours. You will learn to appreciate others, build social skills, make lifelong friends and become an independent individual. 

Supervision & Care

We pride ourselves in offering you personal care so that you can feel at home and thrive. Our international and dedicated boarding staff will support you to develop your social and academic skills so that you can reach your full potential. You will live in one of our four boarding houses based on your age and gender. Your houseparent will be your first point of contact and is there for you 24/7. 

Our qualified nurse is responsible for taking care of your health. You will have access to medical facilities, a health centre on campus and in the case of an emergency, our school doctor and the Zug Hospital are just 15 minutes away. For emotional emergencies or problems, we provide counselling options. 

Daily Routines & Rules

Our structured daily routines create and strengthen good habits. They instil and promote a strong work ethic, regular work rhythm and a healthy lifestyle. You will be taught the values of punctuality, good manners and responsibility towards yourself and others.



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