Dining Services

Our kitchen uses regional ingredients to make fresh, homemade menus, which are both healthy and tasty. Our diversified recipes incorporate the best of Swiss and international cuisine, reflecting the character of our school.

Our diverse and freshly prepared dishes are designed on a weekly basis. Our kitchen concept and meal plan teaches students the value of a balanced, diversified and healthy eating habit. We mainly use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in our seasonal menus.

Our students have the privilege of designing their own weekly menu plan twice per annum, through the Student Council food committee.

We provide special menus for students with dietary restrictions and requirements, e.g. vegetarianism, allergies or religious requirements.

As is tradition, our students dine together with faculty and boarding staff in our dining hall. Our regular meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner, with cocoa and afternoon tea breaks in between, in order to give students energy throughout the day.

Meal Times during the week (Monday-Friday):

  • Breakfast (07:30)

  • Cocoa Break (10:20)

  • Junior Lunch (12:15)

  • Senior Lunch (13:05)

  • Afternoon Tea (15:20)

  • Dinner (19:15, Friday 18:45)

Meal Times on Saturdays:

  • Breakfast (08:30)

  • Lunch (12:00)

  • Afternoon Tea (15:30)

  • Dinner (18:45)

Meal Times on Sundays:

  • Brunch Buffet (10:30)

  • Afternoon tea (15:00)

  • Dinner (19:15)

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