Learn. Grow. Move. Meet.

Improve your German, English or start learning in our classes ab initio. Apply to one of the different language levels at Montana Summer Sessions and experience first class language lessons with sudents in your age.

The mornings are focused on language studies and blocked for linguistic classes: English or German. The courses are held in very small class groups. This way, all students benefit from an individualised and personalised approach to learning.

In order to group the incoming students according to age and language proficiency, a placement test takes place. The assessment of the language level is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The afternoons are dedicated to activities and split into two blocks: A sports block as well as an activity block.

Experience a different academic or non-academic field of your preference every week.

Students are asked to give preferences for an activity programme theme. There is no pre-knowledge needed for the workshops. For all focus themes there are up to two excursions and discovery afternoons planned that take place outside the campus. 

Sports activities foster a positive group dynamic, interaction, confidence and team building. Lastly, to develop a healthier lifestyle, sport is a must. Some of our exciting sports activities include: Dancing Styles, Climbing, Orienteering (OL), Tennis, General Team ball sports, Bubble Soccer, Chess and Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP). 

In between and at the end of the afternoon sessions the students have free time in order to get changed and ready for the evening Dinners & Culture Nights which involve activities such as: BBQ night, Dine-out options, Community games, Team competitions, Trivia, Karaoke.

During the weekends the students will be involved in exciting excursions. Day Trips to get to know Switzerland and its surroundings include for example: Zurich City Tour, Technorama Swiss Science Center, Verkershaus Swiss Museum of Transport, Victorinox, Alpamare Aquapark, Chocolate Factory and the Rhine Falls (Schaffhausen).

 Themed Activities and Weekends Trips

 The Rhine Falls and Adventure Park

 Mistery Mountain, Treasure Hunt

A typical week at the Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

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