Learn why our students, alumni and staff love our summer programme!


Mark, student

"I want to come back next year because this camp was amazing"

Mark (age 11)

Jan, student

"At the Summer Sessions I learned a lot. The best excursion was at Technorama. It was awesome. We saw and made experiments."

Jan (age 13)


“I wanna be back there, shortly! ”, that’s the first word after our son Rui arrived at Narita airport with a big-big smile. We are so glad to hear about his precious experience at the Summer school in Zugerberg. 

He came back home having grown a lot. We are so grateful to all the teachers, all the staffs in Montana, for the warmest hospitality, ever. I am sure, he will be back to Montana in a few years. 

Tausend Dank für die schönen Augenblicke. Sehen wir uns wieder!

Rui and his family

You can't imagine how happy is Isabel. Montana is her favorite summer camp!!! After four different camps, we finally found the one.Thank you so much for all your time and love to Isabel. She only says wonderful things about your awesome team. 

 Isabel (Mother)

Zoe loved Montana and is always talking about the school and teachers & friends to everyone after she came back to Shanghai. She even told us that for one week she dreamed Montana all nights 

Charlotte (Mother)


"We want to ensure that students get the best of the time here, experience an unforgettable summer and grow in the widest sense"

Velia - Alumna, class of 2003

(Head of Summer Sessions 2016/2017)

"I was a boarding student myself and I have 15 years of work experience in boarding. I love engaging students in all kind of activities, listening to them, understanding and helping them grow"


(Deputy Leader 2017)

Catherine, Language Programme Leader

"Our very small class sizes  ensure that our students get individual attention and encourage them to speak a lot more. I find that even after a 2-week programme, the students have much more  confidence in speaking a foreign language"


(Language Programmes Leader 2017)

Health and Safety Officer

"My main concern is that all students that stay with us are looked after and well cared at all time. The health and safety of our students is one of our top priority". 


(Health and Safety Officer 2017)



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