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Before and During our Summer Sessions

Institut Montana Zugerberg is located at 950 metres above sea level and enjoys a sunny, alpine climate. The temperature is usually 2-3 degrees lower than the city of Zug. Thus, be sure to bring items fit for sunny days as well as rainy ones. Upon registration, a detailed packing list will be sent to you to ensure a smooth summer. 

If you are a parent wishing to stay close to your child and explore Switzerland in the meantime, we offer special rates and packages with hotels in the area, just ask us for more information.

During our Summer Camp

As a boarding student, you will enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocoa and tea breaks at our dining hall situated in the main building. It is a longstanding tradition that faculty, staff and students dine together to create a communal atmosphere. Day students will enjoy the same setting during the day, excluding breakfast and dinner.

You will also share your room with a classmate from a different country to learn about their culture and to practice your language skills. All rooms are fully furnished and come with a small refrigerator as well. Day students will depart campus on the weekdays at 18:00.


Medical Assistance & Insurance Coverage

For minor injuries or illnesses, our medically trained staff will be available on campus round-the-clock. In serious cases, the hospital of Zug is just a short trip away. 

Institut Montana Zugerberg cannot offer any insurance coverage. Parents or guardians are responsible for providing a suitable health and accident insurance as well as third party liability coverage for the period of their child's stay with us, including travelling to and from our campus. An insurance card is compulsory for any medical treatment needed during our summer sessions and medical bills might have to be paid in cash or with a credit card.

Summer Sessions

Head of Summer Sessions

Tel.: +41 (0)41 729 11 99
Fax: +41 (0)41 729 11 78

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