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Packing: what you should not forget to bring

Zugerberg is located at 950 metres above sea level and enjoys a sunny alpine climate. The temperature is usually 2-3 degrees lower than in the city Zug. Make sure, you bring warmer clothing for the not so sunny days as well as lighter clothes for the beautiful sunny days.


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Do you want to stay close to your child or discover Switzerland while he is having fun at the Summer Sessions? For the families of our students, we have arranged special rates and packages with the Hotels in the area. 

Hotel Special Rates and Family Friendly Packages

At the Summer Camp

Institut Montana’s Facilities, Meals and Insurance Coverage

Our large, 60-acre campus extends over the picturesque setting of the Zugerberg, right above the city of Zug. School life takes place around four main buildings, which all have dormitories, classrooms and offices. Our grounds also include a gym, fitness rooms, as well as various other extracurricular facilities, such as a natural grass football pitch, four tennis courts, beach volleyball and basketball courts.

Class rooms: Language courses are held in very small classes. This way all students get an individualised and personalised approach to learning.

Dining Hall: Our beautiful dining hall is situated in the main building, it is part of our tradition that our students dine together with faculty and boarding staff in the dining hall. Our regular meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner, with cocoa and afternoon tea breaks in between to give students energy throughout the day. The dining hall is also where social sessions and the evening programme are held. Enjoy board games, comedy shows and other spectacular things with your friends!

Bedrooms: In the boarding house you share your room with a classmate. This way you can further practice your language skills in German, English or Spanish and get to know a new culture from a personal perspective. All rooms are furnished with bed, desk, cupboard, shelves, office chair and a small fridge.

Meals During the Summer Sessions

We spend a great deal of time planning all the menus, testing and selecting the best food choices for our students. Our head chef, prepares a diverse range of dishes on a weekly basis. Our kitchen concept and meal plan teaches students the value of balanced, diverse and healthy eating. We mainly use locally sourced ingredients. Unfortunately we cannot deal with all children's dislikes but we do make it a priority to meet many dietary needs and requirements, for example vegetarian, allergies or religious requirements. We are happy to discuss any special requirement a student might have.

Medical Assistance & Insurance coverage

For minor injuries or illnesses our medically trained staff will be available on campus round-the-clock. In serious cases we will take the children to the Cantonal hospital of Zug. 

Institut Montana cannot offer any insurance coverage. Parents/guardians are responsible for taking out suitable health and accident insurance as well as third party liability cover for the period of their child's stay on the Zugerberg, including their traveling time to and from Zugerberg. The insurance card is compulsory for any medical treatment necessary during the stay at the Montana Summer Sessions. Please note that medical bills might have to be paid in cash or with credit card.

Summer Sessions

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