Future Years

How can you support the continued development of Institut Montana Zugerberg?

There are two routes that we would like you to consider and decide which better suits your personal circumstances.

You can become a co-owner of the school by signing-up to purchase shares in Institut Montana Zugerberg AG to the sum of 7,500 CHF per share.


You can make one-off or periodical contributions for specific projects or donations to a scholarship fund that is to be established.

We would like to be specific – these contributions will NOT be used to support on-going operational expenses of the school. These are managed from our own budgets. At the same time, we will not be providing dividends for shareholders in Institut Montana Zugerberg AG. Funds will be fully reinvested in the development of our school.

The financing will be deployed across various projects:

  • Improving and modernising our infrastructure

  • Supporting student welfare programmes

We would be delighted if you supported the school you attended in order to give students of today and tomorrow the best possible experience at our school.

Please contact us for more information.

Improving and modernising our infrastructure. For example:

  • The renovation of existing historic buildings like Chalet, Felsenegg, Juventus and Grosses Haus

  • The replacement and expansion of facilities such as, primarily, the boarding houses, as well as the sport fields and the gym

  • The equipping of specialist teaching rooms such as science labs

Supporting student welfare programmes. For example:

  • The expansion of extra-curricular activities and so updating the Aula to facilitate cultural events, concerts, theatre

  • The provision of modern recreational facilities

  • The creation of a scholarship fund 

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