Learning for Life

Institut Montana Zugerberg has a unique vantage point on the world.

When you graduated and went out into the world, you took with you more than an academic qualification. You had spent formative years living the principles on which Institut Montana Zugerberg was founded. The ethics and the cultural exchanges experienced in our truly international community have, we are sure, shaped your life ever since. The friendships formed and the sports played, quite simply the fun of those years, will have left memories that still make you smile. 

Our community is more than a school. Its atmosphere is that of a big family that nurtures its members and their wellbeing, a family of which you will always be part of. The humanist principles espoused by our founder Dr Max Husmann and then carried forward by Dr Josef Ostemeyer, whom many of you will remember, are nourished in its environment of mutual care and trust.

Our mission is educational in the widest sense of the word. It is to help our students develop the enquiring, critical minds that will enable them to become enthusiastic and effective thinkers. It is to provide the context in which young people grow healthily into responsible citizens in a world that is as challenging as it is dynamic. As they move on through life, they will continue to be guided by our founding principles in the decisions they make and the actions they take. They will grow into adults who make a positive difference.

Our mission also is to help our students get the best out of their adolescence years. So when, later in life, they look back, they remember how much fun they had and how much they took with them from our school. As we hope you do now.

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