Our shareholders act as the guardians of our philosophy and values.

Institut Montana Zugerberg distinguishes itself from many other schools by its unique ownership structure. Institut Montana Zugerberg AG, which holds the real estate and operates the school, is owned by alumni and friends as well as by two foundations of the late Dr Max Husmann. This was the structure that was adopted in 1995, when alumni and friends became shareholders. The precept of active ownership means that the support of our alumni community is critical to ensure that the spirit of the school is safeguarded and that the prerequisites crucial to our future are guaranteed. Between June 2014 und June 2016, Institut Montana Zugerberg successfully completed an increase of shareholding capital, issuing new shares in a total amount of 840,000 CHF. These newly issued shares were signed by members of the school community.

Today the structure of Institut Montana Zugerberg AG is as follows:

  • Share Capital: 4,500,000 CHF

  • Nominal value per share: 7,500 CHF

  • Nominal shares outstanding: 600

  • Number of shareholders: 132

  • Size of property: approx. 80,000 m2 on Mt. Zugerberg

  • Number of boarding houses: 4 (Grosses Haus, Felsenegg, Juventus, Chalet)

We believe that the goal to ensure the future health and success of Institut Montana Zugerberg will resonate with past students. We have never been a huge institution with a deep pool of support on which to draw. Indeed, the principle of individualisation rests on the ideal that small is beautiful and that to grow beyond a certain size would compromise our community values and family atmosphere. At the same time, therefore, every donation that we receive will make a difference that is tangible. We believe this freedom and flexibility will enable us to combine the best of what has been achieved so far with continued innovative development. However, there are also immediate practical motives. The potential of our school is attracting outside interest. Institut Montana Zugerberg, however, was built on the understanding that a school is more than a business; it represents a whole value system. Respect for the independence of human thinking and acting is what we teach.

So our independent status is important to us too!

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