The Future

The humanist philosophy on which Institut Montana Zugerberg was founded will continue to guide practical decisions about where we need to invest financially in order to ensure our future.

Our goals are to provide an environment where young people enjoy a comprehensive, holistic education; that attracts and motivates excellent educators; that meets all the aspirations parents have for the children they love; and last, but by no means least, of which our alumni can be proud.

Vision Montana 2026 is working with a set of strategic objectives that are realistic as well as ambitious. They are grouped into themes:

  • Community

    • Achieve a controlled growth and maintain cultural diversity while limiting the number of students to a level that still allows for an intimate community

    • Maintain an active community involving all the stakeholders of the school

    • Foster a community that is not only on campus but across the globe

  • Learning Environment

    • Sustain academic learning of the highest standard; maintain small class sizes to support individual learning

    • Holistically educate our students and help them develop into independent-minded, responsible adults

    • Attract and maintain an excellent teaching staff and provide continuous professional development to ensure our teachers are reflective practitioners using innovative teaching methods

  • Living Environment

    • Ensure our boarding programme meets the high standards expected of an internationally renowned boarding school in terms of pastoral care and activities offered

    • Invest in state-of-the-art facilities so that our students can engage in a wide range of cultural, physical and social activities

    • Develop our campus so that it continues to provide a safe and healthy environment

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