Vision Montana 2026

We are working towards an exciting date – 2026 – the centenary of the inauguration of the school. The goals of Vision Montana 2026 is to establish and cement our position as one of the most respected private Swiss-International boarding schools in Switzerland by the year of our centenary jubilee.

Our position over the lake and our beautiful historical buildings, our Grosses Haus, our Felsenegg, provide the fundamentals for our future. But in order to develop successfully and prosper for the long term, the school needs more than its idyllic location and its unique spirit. Certainly, our school’s ageing infrastructure needs careful conservation. But to achieve world-class facilities in today‘s exacting market requires a programme of renovating the old and adding to what we have by constructing new.

For this we need capital over and above the day-to-day running costs of the school.

Institut Montana Zugerberg was born of a challenge. In 1926 Dr Max Husmann was witness to the ravages that World War I had wreaked across Europe. His insights for
recovery and regeneration, to help the post-war generation appreciate the importance of mutual understanding and respect, inspired his vision for his school. So the principles of Individualism, Internationality and Integration became key, and they are no less relevant
today than they were then.

There have been other challenges along the way. The economic crisis of the 1930s followed by the devastation of World War II greatly depleted student numbers.
However, under Dr Josef Ostermayer the school was reinvigorated and his fundamental belief in respect for the independence of human thinking and acting became firmly embedded in Institut Montana’s essence. The school has since survived and grown even through the crisis of the mid 90s when a re-structuring enabled its continued existence. Through all, it has remained true to the founding principles that have provided stability
through the highs and the lows.

We are determined to continue this journey. It was with passion, energy and persistence that these visionaries met the challenges and overcame them. Now it is our responsibility to sustain the spirit of Institut Montana. So we have set our goal for Vision Montana 2026 and ask you to help us, in a very practical way, to honour their legacy and enable Institut Montana to continue along the path they set.

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