Our Scholarship

On the occasion of our 90th anniversary, we introduced the Institut Montana Zugerberg Scholarship Programme.

This programme honours our former directors - Dr Max Husmann and Dr Josef Ostermayer - who, throughout the decades after our foundation, created the unique spirit of our school. That means to provide a cross-cultural and international learning and living environment that encourages students to engage with the world. We grow students into scholars and global citizens, ready to take on any challenges in an increasingly interconnected world. It is this philosophy that has led us to today's motto - My Place to Grow®.

The Institut Montana Zugerberg Scholarship Programme strives to annually enable a limited number of students, who would otherwise be unable to join, to have a spot at our boarding school during our admissions process.  

Criteria for the Scholarship

Newly joining students must:

  • contribute to our school community according to our philosophy.
  • achieve outstanding grades at their current school.
  • attend our school as a weekly boarding student (Monday to Friday, leaving campus on Friday afternoon and returning Sunday evening).

Extension of our Scholarship

Our scholarship is generally issued until graduation from our school. However, it can be reconsidered due to severe disciplinary infringements or an ongoing decline of school grades.

Further Details

Our scholars reside in our boarding dorms from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon for substantially reduced tuition fees. Other expenses are paid normally. The reduced fee is adjusted annually, as per the regular tuition fees.

To allow the long-term continuation of this programme, scholars pledge to, according to their situation, repay an amount of 10,000 CHF to the Institut Montana Zugerberg Scholarship Fund over 10 years, after graduating from our school. 

Admissions Coordinators

Mr Arnau Cot
Ms Andrea Baev
Mrs Heidi Hadorn

Tel.: +41 (0)41 729 11 99
Fax: +41 (0)41 729 11 78
E-Mail: admissions@montana-zug.ch

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