Meet Dr. Elana Glasenberg, our principal for the International School

Dr. Glasenberg joined Institut Montana at the beginning of August 2022. Her academic achievements in education focus on inclusive education. 

18 August 2022

After her bachelor’s degrees in South Africa and Australia, she went on to earn a diploma in College Counseling (UCLA), and a doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California (USC). She also completed her Master’s in Learning Design and Technology at the same time from USC.

Dr. Glasenberg moved to Switzerland 32 years ago. She worked for 22 years now across several departments in the upper and middle schools in an international environment, gaining valuable experience in Learning Support, College Counselling, IB Philosophy / TOK teaching, and Mathematics. She then set up her own private practice, called The Place (Personal Learning Assistance Centre), where students were provided with tutoring, counselling and college counselling services.

Following her passion for inclusive education, she continues to be a member of a Swiss Foundation, which has built 35 schools in former Soviet Union countries. Elana was named to the USC Board of Councilors, where she is also an advisor to the Dean at the Rossier School of Education, who described her as “ Elana embodies the spirit of the Organizational Change and Leadership Program,” (Dean Pedro Noguera). A few years ago, she built the first inclusive school in Ukraine, where “Every student in the classroom is accepted, regardless of their difficulties”. Quoting her role model, Nelson Mandela, she too believes “Education is the greatest weapon you can give to children.”

She is excited to start this new journey and looks forward to making meaningful memories with both students and faculty.

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