Bilingual Elementary School

Our bilingual elementary school offers an immersive bilingual education programme in German and English based on the curriculum of the Canton of Zug.

Our bilingual elementary school employs a full language immersion programme in both German and English throughout the school year.

We provide you with an environment that draws upon the best of traditional Swiss education while simultaneously being international. Our curriculum is based on the primary curriculum of the Canton of Zug and has been specially tailored to give you ideal preparation for entry into our bilingual secondary school for the Swiss Secondary Certificate, our international school which offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, or our Swiss high school for the Swiss Matura.

From pick-up at the base station of the Zugerberg cable car until drop-off at 15:30 or 17:00, you will receive personalised and individualised attention both in the classroom and in your free time. Our stunning location is the ideal place for healthy and active learning, as well as a natural playground during your breaks and after school.

Language Courses

Not only will you learn a second language in class, but also with non-language classes and extra guided support. Each subject is taught consistently in either German or English throughout the school year so that you can achieve a high level of fluency and competency in no time.

Our teachers and staff are all native speakers and highly qualified to ensure that you excel both academically and socially. Overall, studies prove time and again that a bilingual education enhances cognitive, linguistic and social development. For more information and a full list of subjects please see our subjects overview.

Day Supervision

If you’re in grades 1-4, you will be picked up from the base station of the Zugerberg cable car at 8:25 by a nanny. We offer an optional “Early Bird” supervision on campus from 8:00 to 8:55 so that your parents can drop you off earlier if need be. Classes finish at 15:20 and you can then be picked up from the base station at 15:30 or after your optional extracurricular activities at 17:00, both options will be supervised by your nanny. If you’re in grades 5 or 6, you will be allowed to travel independently. Throughout the day, you will be supervised to ensure that you engage in a healthy schedule of learning, regular mealtimes and various activities. 

Afternoon Care

Once classes end, you can be picked up from your guardian at the base station at 15:30 or partake in various activities until 17:00 the latest. This includes a homework club where once a week you can get extra support from a supervisor to ensure your understanding of the subject. You can also engage in an array of extracurricular activities such as photography, drama, music, cooking, art and more. Thanks to our location in the heart of nature, you will also be able to go sledging in the winter and hikes through the forest – all to ensure a healthy body and mind. 


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