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Dining Services

The importance of healthy eating and good company

Our dining hall and meeting around the dining table are important aspects of our school life and established as central importance to the school day by our founder. Today life is often lived in a rush, but we maintain our tradition of a family-style sit-down lunch every school day. The long tables in the glorious dining hall are set and food is served. The demands of a modern school mean that we now have two sittings, a junior and a senior lunch. It is a good time to catch up with friends and colleagues. 

Breakfast and dinner are buffet style and well organised by our wonderful kitchen staff. You will return to the dining hall for cocoa break in the morning and tea break in the afternoon. 

Menus are varied and we cater for all allergies and most religious requirements. We do our best to encourage recalcitrant teenagers (if that is you!) to eat their vegetables and there are bowls of fresh fruits always available.

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