Co-curricular Activities

Beyond the Curriculum

At Institut Montana we see co-curricular activities as a core part of school life, they are more than an add-on or an entertainment. They are about learning, growing into an accomplished adult, adopting a healthy approach to life, developing skills and attributes for the future. While you are not working towards an examination or a diploma, these activities are equally valuable to the person you will become. They are also an opportunity for fun. 

Co-curricular activities evolve and develop over time, responsive to the interests of cohorts of students and, of course, to the passions and expertise of our teachers and staff. All activities are open to boarders and day students, girls and boys. For now, they include: 

Be Active!  

Being active is hugely important for your physical health, but also your mental health. Different people enjoy different sorts of physical activity. We want all our students to find what will motivate them to move. Maybe - 

Volleyball, golf, swimming, football, Zumba, archery, tennis, fitness training, badminton, climbing/bouldering, mountain biking, rugby, running, basketball, or simply making the most of our amazing natural surroundings. 

Be Creative! 

It is sometimes claimed that working towards exams can inhibit creativity. We expect our students to do well in their exams, we also want them to maintain their natural creativity. Whether you are an expert or simply love it, try - 

Writing and producing the school magazine, singing in the choir, textile design, cooking. 

Be Inspired! 

You will be pushing yourself intellectually in your school subjects but that is no reason not to push yourself further with activities that make you think. What about - 

Drama, Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Chess, Model United Nations 

Be compassionate! 

Young people are expressing their views about making the world a better place. You can add yours and learn how to use that voice convincingly and wisely. Involvement in projects that help others will help you understand how lucky you are. 

IB CAS programmes and our school Project Weeks provide vehicles for learning how you can make a difference for those less fortunate. Or take practical initiatives on the Student Council Environment committee. 

Be a Leader! 

Our active Student Council is a forum where school life is discussed by students themselves who then represent the student voice to school management. This is also a chance to get involved with student led activities and events. The amount of organisation you can learn while having fun is astounding. 

We have welcomed students whose main ambitions revolve around sports and created tailor-made programmes to fit their schedule as well as finding professional instructors as needed. Past examples include a student who was playing for the Zurich Grasshoppers Football Team, a Russian gymnast and a professional rower for our team in Zug. We understand the importance of these vocations and ensure the demanding training schedule can be met in order to keep this opportunity available.

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