Montana Club

Founded on 10 July 1966, in occasion of the 40-year anniversary of Institut Montana Zugerberg the Montana Club Zugerberg was understood to be a permanent organization of those former students who wished a closer relationship amongst themselves as well as with the Institute.

From Montana Club to the Foundation Institut Montana Zugerberg

In occasion of the Montana Club 50-year anniversary along with Institut Montana Zugerberg 90-year jubilee in 2016, to embed alumni relations further into the Institute, safeguard the interests of the alumni and serve as pool for donations, the Montana Club decided during its general assembly to transform the association into a foundation.

On 12 October 2017, the Foundation Institut Montana Zugerberg was enrolled in the trade register.

Here you can read the Registration for Commercial Register of the Foundation Institut Montana Zugerberg. 

The Foundation Institut Montana Zugerberg Today 

The aim of the Foundation remains the same and it will continue to encourage the exchange among our community and development of opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s generation. A promise between generations in support of the young ones: those who come before will be encouraging and supporting those who follow.

Our chapter and reunion meetings provide opportunities for members of the Montana Club to meet and discuss changes and innovations.

Community Portal

Montana Club is our private networking space and it makes it very easy and fun to stay in touch and keep up with topics that matter most to us!

Wherever our alumni are in the world, we will be able to organize or join exciting events, create and lead interests’ groups, exchange worldwide opportunities (such as jobs and internships, leads and project works), promote our companies, startups or find Montana partners.


Head of Community Relations
Alumna, class of 2003

Tel.: +41 (0)41 729 11 77
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