Institut Montana Today

A School You Can Call Home

Today, our motto is My Place to Grow. 

There are around 370 students aged 6 to 19 across our boarding school and day school. It is a supportive environment where we treat each other with fairness and mutual respect. 

We have outstanding staff from all over the world and an average class size of around ten students. Teachers who are passionate about their subjects, caring house-parents, counsellors and mentors who support you through life’s challenges, people who keep our school clean, maintain it and prepare our nutritious food - everyone is part of the Montana Family. You are surrounded by companions who are sharing your journey. Some will be friends for life. 

We have built on our past. Modern advances in knowledge about learning have shown that educationalists like Pestalozzi were right. Intellectual development is best achieved by attending to each student holistically and as an individual; it all comes together to nourish your mental, emotional and physical health.   

We look to the future. The world for which we are educating today’s young people will be very different by the time you graduate. We cannot predict what career opportunities await you, but we can prepare you for a changing world.  

Our students will be clear thinkers, problem solvers and able to apply their thinking skills across a wide range of applications. They will be creative lovers of art, music, theatre and film, from the most classical to the most experimental. They will have a sound grounding in scientific method and use of technology. They will understand and appreciate cultural complexity and be able to make a good case for their beliefs. They will be equipped with a moral compass to act as a guide through the ethical questions of tomorrow.  They will be generous of spirit. And you can be one of them.

Why Institut Montana?

  • A school you can call home
  • An education to bring out the best in you
  • A Swiss and international community for life

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