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Model United Nations

Confront the World’s Problems and Make a Case for a Solution

The Institut Montana Model United Nations Club is hugely popular. The aims of the MUN closely reflect the values of our school, those on which it was founded and those that guide us still today. 

In the 1940s, the Montana International Relations Club was set up to help boost understanding between students from different cultural backgrounds in the spirit of the newly established United Nations. Since 2009, Institut Montana has been an active participant in the Model United Nations, where international schools come together and role-play as delegates to UN committees. We attend conferences around the world, and host highly successful events of our own for participating international schools.  

The skills and attributes promoted by being part of this activity are comprehensive, and include researching, public speaking and debating, critical thinking and analysis, teamwork and leadership. You will confront the world’s big problems, you will research their deepest, darkest implications, and you will stand up and make a case for a solution.

IMZ Model United Nations

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