Admission & Enrolment Process

We take great care with every application to our Swiss International Boarding School 

Our admissions process is thorough and focuses on getting to know you and you getting to know us. We need to know your academic history, where you are up to now and to decide which of our programmes will suit you best and what extra support you might need to reach your goals. You need to know what is expected of you in terms of commitment to learning. We need to know about your interests, your special talents, what makes you happy. You need to decide if our family-like international community is for you.  

We review each candidate on a case-by-case basis and operate a rolling admissions process, so we admit students throughout the year, although we recommend admission at the beginning of a semester. There is no application deadline. However, to ensure a place at our school, we recommend sending in your application as soon as possible to avoid being put on our waiting list.  


To begin the process, please send the documents below to: or fill out our Enquiry form 

  • The student’s full name and age  

  • A copy of the student’s passport 

  • Language skills or certificates 

  • Reports from the last two years 

Campus Visit or Skype Interview  

The best way to get to know our school and our international community is to join for a trial period. We can arrange for you to spend a day for free or more at our school. A current student will show you around.  If you are unable to visit the school, we will arrange a video interview so that we can learn about each other in a face-to-face conversation. 

Academic Assessments 

We assess your academic level so that we can decide which of our programmes will suit you best. We use cognitive ability tests such as the CAT4 Ability Test and a range of language placement tests.  

Admissions Evaluation  

After receiving your school reports, conducting an interview and reviewing your assessment tests, we will have a committee meeting which includes the admissions team, teachers, department heads and school principal to review your application, academic assessments, reports and overall fit for our school. We then contact your family to inform you about our decision. 

Offer Letter 

Our offer letter includes our academic programme recommendation, language choice(s) and suggestions for any additional support we recommend. The offer letter is valid for one month to allow you and your parents time to decide whether you would like to continue the enrolment process.  

Submit Final Application 

Having received your offer letter and decided to continue towards joining our school, you then submit your final documents. We will help with Visa applications where necessary. 

Once all this administration is complete, we will be communicating with you and your family about preparation for your arrival at our school. 

See you in Switzerland!

Head of External Relations

Head of Admissions, Summer Sessions, Alumni & Marketing

Montana Alumna, Class of 2003

Tel.: +41 (0)41 729 11 77
Fax: +41 (0)41 729 11 78

Admissions Team

Tel.: +41 (0)41 729 11 99
Fax: +41 (0)41 729 11 78

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