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Performing Arts

Music, Instrumental Lessons, Drama Club and School Choir

Music is an important aspect of our everyday life and it is especially beneficial for child development. Music improves memory functions, helps children build their confidence and develop social skills. It teaches patience and discipline and inspires creativity. It helps the body and mind work together.

Music at Institut Montana

Music is an integral part of the curriculum at Institut Montana. It plays a vital role in school life and helps develop essential skills. 

Weekly music lessons are compulsory up to grade 8 of the International School and grade 11 of the Swiss High School. During the weekly lessons, your core musical skills are developed and practiced using the most modern teaching methods. You will learn the theory of harmony, rhythm, composition and music history, following the cantonal Lehrplan 21 or the IGCSE-Curriculum, depending on the programme you choose. 

Apart from music classes, you will also have choir practice once a week.

A Choir with more than 100 students from 6 to 19 years old

The school choir is the central hub for our music initiatives. It connects students from across the school as they join together in shared music projects.

Choir lessons are compulsory for the same grades as the weekly music lessons. The students assemble weekly to practice project-related choral literature with each other. In addition, all other students who are enthusiastic about singing are invited to participate in the choir. 

Depending on the occasion, students participate in exciting music projects, which are planned and performed with external music professionals (choirs, orchestras, bands). A few of our performances have been: Misa Tango Concert, Zuger Chornacht, Summer Choir Concert Burgbachsaal, West Side Story Concert in Triengen. 

Additionally, the school choir had the chance to record our school anthem "Montana - My Place to Grow" together with a professional orchestra in the largest recording studio in Switzerland.

Additionally, our Bilingual Elementary School (BE) students take part in two musicals each school year: the Christmas musical in December and the Summer musical on the last school day in July. The musicals are organized alternately in English and German to support the bilingualism of our Elementary School. 

If you are keen on music, you can sign up for the Musical Club or the Elementary School Drama Club, where you will practice vocal solos or try out acting.
Learn to play any instrument

We offer weekly private musical instrument lessons to help you develop your talent or perhaps even find a new passion for playing music.

At the moment, we teach the following instruments: piano, violin, drums, guitar, recorder, accordion, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, violoncello, bass guitar, euphonium, trombone, french horn, and tuba.

You can also have private singing lessons or learn computer-based music production with us.

“Montana Classics” classical concert series

Institut Montana, with the Aula and our Bösendorfer grand piano, is the perfect venue for special concerts. Montana Classics is a classical concert series, which takes part in our beautiful Auditorium “Aula Felsenegg” once a year. This special event allows outstandingly talented students to perform in a professional setting side-by-side with professional artists. Montana Classics vastly enriches social life on Zugereberg and external guests are invited to join in.

Drama Club 

Institut Montana Drama Club or DraMONTANActing is an opportunity for you to get in touch with the art of acting and develop many important skills, which will be valuable for your future.

We believe that acting is the study of life. You will learn different acting techniques and will be able to perform on stage during our exciting events. We offer this extracurricular activity for grades 7-12. 

Our Drama Club actors participate in spectacular musicals and concerts along with the choir. Our Drama Club members take part in great musicals and concerts together with the school choir. We are looking back at such spectacular performances as a concert at the Burgbachsaal Zug, where the DraMONTANActing actors presented their pieces between the songs, or a big school musical project “West Side Story” where the whole school created an amazing musical and theatrical entertainment program on the big stage of the Theater Casino Zug alongside professional performers.
Visual Arts

Visual arts are an integral part of everyday life, penetrating all levels of human expression and creativity. We celebrate visual arts not only in the way we create images and objects but also in the way we respond to art made by others.

At the International School of Institut Montana you have the chance to join the IB Visual Arts course, which lasts 2 years. 

You will benefit hugely from this course if you plan to study visual arts or if you seek lifelong enrichment through visual arts. If you continue studying art at a tertiary level, this course will open opportunities in career fields such as fashion, graphics, design, animation, photography, architecture, performing arts, advertising, broadcasting, communication, journalism, marketing, filmmaking and more.     

Head of Music

Performing Arts

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