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Celebrating 100 Years of International Education in Switzerland

Beyond education, towards a better world

In 2026, Institut Montana will be 100 years old, a milestone to celebrate. It is also a catalyst that inspires our plans for the future of our school.

The world is changing quickly. We cannot predict where technology will take employment prospects, but we can prepare students, help them develop attributes and strengths that will enable them to succeed intellectually and emotionally. The plans that will take us to our centenary and beyond are shaped by this ambition.

We will continue as a forward-looking environment that adopts the best in new understanding of how young people learn. We will nurture these young minds so that they have the skills and the motivation to keep learning as the world changes around them. We will teach them the creativity they will need to help shape progress and the analytical skills to do that well. We will encourage a global perspective, open-mindedness and compassion so that they can contribute to, maybe lead, 21st century society.

Our centenary in 2026 will cement our position as one of the most respected Swiss international boarding schools in Switzerland.

If you’re passionate about education and believe in the same values as we do, in the future of our students, then we
invite you to learn more about our upcoming projects and how you can help us continue our mission to educate for another 100 years to come by contacting us at

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