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Education in Switzerland

A Tradition for Excellence with a Swiss and International Perspective

Institut Montana is an international school located in the heart of Switzerland. Education in Switzerland has a well-established reputation for the pursuit of excellence in a stable environment. It is a society where infrastructure runs smoothly and with a blend of modern life with older traditions like respect and a strong work ethic. The backdrop is a landscape of mountains, rivers and lakes, forests and meadows, inviting a healthy approach to life. Our intention is to reflect these benefits of education in Switzerland at our school. 

We offer a choice of academic paths, depending on whether your longer-term ambition is to graduate with the Swiss Matura or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

Swiss Pathway

Our Swiss programmes, in accordance with the decentralised Swiss education system, are based on the framework provided by the Canton of Zug. We adapt them to the context of our school and offer an international approach that includes bi-lingual (English and German) tracks. 

Our Bilingual Elementary School is for children from age 6. The classroom is bilingual, German and English. Learning a second language at a young age helps cognitive development as well as encouraging understanding in how our world is made up of many different cultures.  

At age 12, you can choose between our Swiss Secondary or High School sections, or our international section. 

The Bilingual Secondary School follows the newly formulated Swiss school system curriculum, Lehrplan 21. It is designed to keep your options open as your ambitions develop, with the help of personalised academic and linguistic support. From here, you might continue to our Swiss high school, our international high school or work for a secondary school degree to attend a vocational, commercial or upper-secondary specialised college. 

Our Swiss High School accepts international as well as Swiss students. They must have good English and some German; the required level can be reached by studying first at the Bilingual Secondary School. The bilingual track offers extra courses in English as well as the possibility to earn an IB English Certificate to support university applications. Your studies will be rewarded by the Swiss Matura. It opens doors to all Swiss universities as well as higher education opportunities around the world. The path towards the Matura you will follow with us is special. It is taught in an international community where you will grow into a global citizen with a prestigious Swiss education. 

International Pathway

At our International School your goal is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, highly respected by the world’s leading universities. The IB teaches students how to live well in a multicultural world and to become clear thinkers with a humanitarian outlook. The early grades, starting from grade 6, follow the Cambridge international programme, a strong foundation for a truly international education. 

Whatever your ambitions, we will help you achieve them.

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