Individual Support

Our personalised approach puts our students at the centre of everything we do

This means we see all our students as individuals with their own talents. We find their strengths and nurture them.  

It means that we see education holistically in the belief that overall well-being enhances academic progress. So, your health and your happiness are of the utmost importance to us.  

There are practical ways we achieve this  

Small Class Sizes 

Our classes have an average of 10 students (maximum 15). Your teacher can work with you individually and you can be an active participant in class. Every subject teacher will know you well as a learner and will find teaching strategies that help you to do your best. 

Individual Academic Support 

You can take individual subject-specific private lessons or tutorials in our Learning Centre to help your progress towards excellent results as you work towards your diplomas and examinations. Or simply to help you through the areas that you find challenging. 

Dedicated Class Advisors 

Each year you will have a class advisor who monitors your general well-being as well as your academic progress. He or she is there for you when you look for advice and will act as your liaison to organise any support you need. 

Supervised Study Time 

After lessons are over, you can attend a study session to complete that assignment or write that essay. This is a quiet place to study under the supervision of subject teachers on whom you can call for guidance.  

Language Support 

Proficiency in languages is central to Institut Montana’s educational ethos. We accept students from many linguistic backgrounds and provide bilingual education opportunities and resources to help all our students fast-track to becoming confident in English and German. Several courses have bilingual options and we have a wide range of support possibilities across several languages for you to choose between, depending on your needs and your ambitions.  

College Counselling 

College Counselling helps students identify their talents, interests and aspirations in their search for courses of interest at universities worldwide.  We have experienced counsellors who help you in those important decisions and guide you through making a strong application. 

Rewarding Effort 

We believe everyone needs to be motivated, and our system of privileges to reward outstanding effort towards excellent grades is designed to encourage good-natured, purposeful effort 

Whatever your strengths and talents, goals and dreams, you are assured of the care and attention you need. As the African proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and we ensure that our entire community works together for the benefit of everyone.

Why Institut Montana?

  • A school you can call home
  • An education to bring out the best in you
  • A Swiss and international community for life

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