Bilingual Elementary School

A fun-filled language immersion classroom

Children arrive at our Bilingual Elementary School with either German or English. With our bilingual education and through immersion with classes in the two languages, they grow to be confident in both. They follow a Swiss school system programme that integrates traditional school subjects into a programme of exciting learning and exploration. Motivation is kept high with project-based learning and making presentations. The introduction of the Lehrplan 21 encourages using technology across school subjects so the children become adept users of computers and proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so forth. 

Our private elementary school has its own area with classrooms and play areas where our younger children can pursue their adventures. But they are integrated into the rest of the school, joining for lunch in the dining hall under the supervision of their teachers. They have access to the wonderful facilities and landscape of our school of which they make good use, playing in winter snow and, come spring, observing the life cycle of frogs in the school pond.  

At the beginning of the school day, children can be brought directly up to school or to the base station of the funicular railway, the Zugerberg Bahn. From here, they will be safely escorted on the train and to their classrooms by our nanny. At the end of the day, children can leave at the end of lessons (15.20) when they are accompanied back to the base station, or they can stay until 17.00. We keep them busy with activities that ensure they are fit and healthy, body and mind. It might be music and singing, sledging in winter or a forest walk in summer. There is a homework club, art, drama, cooking and much more. 

Above all, our caring teachers are key. It is their enthusiasm that helps make our Bilingual Elementary school such a nurturing and enriching environment for children to spend these precious years. As the Principal of our BE said: “We have always felt the amazing team spirit we have here at Institut Montana and the bright eyed and smiling faces of our students who motivate our teachers to be their best every day.”

Head of Bilingual Elementary School

Bilingual Elementary School Information (as PDF)

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