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Bilingual Secondary School

Strong Basic Skills and Language Learning

Our Bilingual Secondary School is an outstanding educational environment, specifically designed to provide a bridge between elementary and high school education. This is a stage at which many young people want to try out different options among academic paths. They might benefit from personalised support with their languages to reach their goal, whether that be the IB Diploma or the Swiss Matura. If that is you, then our Bilingual Secondary School is probably just what you need. 

The Bilingual Secondary School at Institut Montana follows the Swiss curriculum, Lehrplan 21. It uses a modern approach to building competence and skill development, especially regarding learning strategies, that many students find motivating in their studies. It deploys innovative teaching methods that focus on experiential learning, small groups and independent study under the guidance of teachers who take on the role of mentors.  

In keeping with our school’s international outlook, the private secondary school promotes bilingual education in German and English and French as a third language. Your programme will include intensive language support to help you achieve these skills. There are additional language courses which include fast-track options following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If German is your new language, you work for certificates from the Goethe Institute. For English as a foreign language, you follow the Cambridge English Assessment course. For French you study for DELF. These language certificates are internationally acknowledged and valued worldwide and will open a world of opportunities. 

Once you successfully complete our bilingual secondary school, you can transfer to our Swiss high school for the Swiss Matura or join our international school for the IB Diploma. Depending on your future aspirations, you can use a Secondary School Degree based on the Lehrplan 21 to gain entry to a vocational training programme, commercial or upper-secondary specialised school, after grade 9. A bilingual education will help towards many different career paths.

Head of Bilingual Secondary School

Bilingual Secondary School Information (as PDF)

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