Academic Requirements

What do I need to apply to Institut Montana? 

Our school has a family community, albeit a family made up of students and teachers from all over the world. Every member of our community is curious to learn and to keep learning. We share a commitment to understanding the diverse cultures that make up our planet and seeking ways to live in harmony with one another. If this is you, then come and join us. You can choose between our programmes depending on your future goals and aspirations. There are different entry points along the way, and whichever path you take, there will be the support you need to strive towards excellence and graduate well prepared to take on the life ahead of you.  

Bilingual Swiss Elementary School 

Our bilingual elementary school is for children from age six who have spent at least two years at Kindergarten. The classroom is bilingual, English and German, but knowledge of both languages is not necessary at the beginning. There is in-class support in both languages so that all children get the best out of their lessons, and options for extra language classes. Boarding school is available to children from the age of ten. It is a six-year programme, after which children are well prepared to move on to their choice of secondary school. 

Bilingual Swiss Secondary School 

Our bilingual secondary school is for grades 7-9 and combines support with learning strategies, basic skills and language acquisition. Entry requirements are good grades (minimum of B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in German or English and readiness to improve that which you know least and to start learning French. We offer intensive language courses and certificate programmes for German, French and English based on the Goethe Institut, the DELF and Cambridge curriculums. Successful completion awards you with a Swiss Secondary School Certificate to go on to an apprenticeship or to one of our high schools. 

Swiss High School 

You can enter our Swiss High School at age twelve to begin your studies towards the Swiss Matura following either a mono- or bilingual track. The monolingual track language of instruction is German, so you need to be fluent. Some courses in the bilingual track are taught in German, others in English, so you will need both languages. To support your language learning, we offer intensive language courses for German, French and English based on the Goethe Institution, the DELF and Cambridge programmes. You also have the option of earning an IB English Certificate upon successful completion of the bilingual track. Once you attain the Swiss Matura, you will gain direct access into top Swiss universities such as Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), University of St. Gallen and Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne (EHL). 

International School 

You can join our International School after elementary education to work towards the Cambridge Lower Secondary (Pre-IGCSE) and the IGCSE certificates or for the final two years to graduate with the International Baccalaureate Diploma or a high school diploma along with IB Certificates that will open the doors for universities worldwide. The main language of instruction is English, so you will take an English language assessment test as part of the admissions process to ensure you are placed in the appropriate level. If you do not have the necessary level of English as you join (below B1 CEFRL), we offer intensive programmes for English as an Additional Language (EAL) and English Foundation Year. The IB DP requires that you study at least one more additional language. We also offer a wide range of first language courses such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese to ensure you maintain a high level in your home language. For first languages not mentioned, a Self-Taught programme is available and supported by a tutor.  

Summer Sessions 

There are no particular entrance requirements for our Summer School except to be ready to have the best summer ever. Students aged ten to fifteen from all over the world come together to learn while having fun. You will become confident in German and English; explore science, the arts and business through workshops where you learn skills like building rockets and making movies; and enjoy a host of exciting excursions and sports activities. A language placement test on arrival will ensure you are placed in the appropriate language level.  

This is a great way to experience the spirit of Institut Montana, make the most of your summer and make friends from around the world.

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