Institut Montana Zugerberg in response to COVID-19 - Update

Dear partners and friends of Institut Montana,

I hope this message finds you in good health and that the situation where you live is also improving. The health and safety of our students and staff members is our top priority. 
The leadership team here at Montana is working on the plan that will take us forward.

However, as we have all become acutely aware, the Covid-19 pandemic confronts us with many unknowns. Along with the necessity of maximum precautions, the crucial lesson we have learnt is that all plans should be subject to change. As Fredrick the Great apparently said: “you can pardon somebody beaten in combat, but you can never pardon somebody who was taken by surprise”. We must continue to be prepared for all eventualities.

Our guiding policies continue to be:

  • to put the health of our students and staff first
  • to approach everything we do with caution
  • to ensure the strictest standards of hygiene
  • to avoid numbers of students gathering on campus

We quickly switched to distance learning for the whole school. The decision was endorsed by the commitment and hard work of staff and their students alike. The quality that they managed to achieve under these circumstances has been outstanding, and we wholeheartedly thank everyone involved.

Now we move to a new stage

Switzerland continues to make encouraging progress. In response to these positive developments, and in accordance with the updated regulations from the Federal Council and the Canton Zug, the leadership team established our own next steps. We want to reassure you that we continue to follow the principles outlined above, that the health and safety of our community is our absolute priority and that each step shall be taken with maximum precautions.

To enable a gradual return to school, we remain aware that the Coronavirus is still not fully understood yet and information might change. We will:

  • Start by bringing back younger students and then gradually increase the return by age
  • Avoid bringing together a high number of students on the Zugerberg at too early a stage
  • Provide sufficient time to observe outcomes and developments, adjusting the plan accordingly
  • Use the series of forthcoming public-holidays to deaccelerate the process

We have therefore agreed on the following plan:

Continuation of distance learning for the entire school until Friday, May 15, 2020. Then:

Group I: Monday, May 18, 2020. The youngest students (BE 1-6) return to school for 3 days only, as May 21 and May 22 are school-free due to a public holiday.

Group II: Monday, May 25, 2020. Students in IS 7 & 8 and BSS 7, 8 and 9 return.

Group III: Tuesday, June 2. Students of IS 9 & 10 return (public holiday on Monday, June 1, 2020)

Group IV: Monday, June 8. Students of the Swiss Gymnasium – all classes – and IS 11 shall return. (There is another public holiday on June 11, 2020)

There will be students who are unable to comply with the projected dates, often due to travel restrictions, and we shall do all we can to help individual cases continue with their learning.

Boarding Students

As you are aware, we never closed our boarding-facilities. They were even open during the entire Easter Break to make available a “home away from home” for any of our students who needed it. For those students who went home, many currently face difficulties finding return flights. Be assured that boarding students are welcome to come back to school at any time, no matter when live classes for their school section are scheduled to begin.

Please let the boarding houses know of your plans and do not hesitate to contact Ms Julia Carlsen for further help or clarification.

Admissions is completely digital without losing human interaction

Our Admissions team continues to work from home until campus visits will be available again. However, we believe in the importance of human interaction, especially when it is about decisions that affect your children's education and require an emotional investment from both sides.

Therefore, we would like to maintain our communication with you as personally as possible even through this difficult situation and we have set-up a system in order to do so.

Our team is available for any further information via email, chat, calls and video calls. You can filter our team members by language (German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian etc) or by topic on our 
okomo website, to find your preferred contact person and choose the method of contact which you feel most comfortable with.

Academic assessments and interviews will be offered online as well as virtual campus tours upon requests. 

Covid-19 Prevention Policy
Please also notice our Covid-19 Prevention Policy!

We are delighted that developments in Switzerland are showing positive progress, they give us hope that a return to a new “normality” is in sight. Thus far, our precautions have served us well, however we must continue to be vigilant. The virus is still present, and by adhering to the prescribed measures we will avoid re-occurrence. We are monitoring progress and might have to adapt the course of action accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact the principals, class advisors or myself if you have questions.

Kind regards, 
Alexander Biner 

Director & Chairman

Director and Chairman of the Board


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