Institut Montana on the cover page of The Knowledge Review as Switzerland’s 10 Most Valuable Schools for 2019

Institut Montana: Nurturing tomorrow's Global Citizens

14 April 2020

"There’s an outstanding school in the heart of one of the prosperous countries in the world. It is a school that enables young people to meet and learn about people from different nations, their cultures and their values. It is an establishment located in a natural environment where education focuses on the whole person as an individual. It helps students find their talents and recognize their intellect while guiding them towards success. It’s a school that has preserved a tradition of nurturing its pupils and helping them grow into accomplished adults equipped for the modern world.

At The Knowledge Review, it’s an honour for us to present you Institut Montana Zugerberg, a school with a long history of leading its students towards their individual path of excellence. The school seeks to ignite its students’ curiosity and and brings out the best in every individual. " Read the full article

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