Emma’s Mission for Animal Rescue: Crafting a Promotional Strategy

The story of Emma, a student at our Institut Montana, is an inspiring example of how one person can make a meaningful difference in the world. Her project for her Maturaarbeit, the creation of an effective promotional strategy for a donkey rescue center on the Azores Islands, has the potential to help and benefit many people, and she has worked hard to ensure that she’ll have the best results possible. Through this interview, we’re able to learn about her motivations, her process, and her plans for the future, providing us with plenty of insight on how to approach a project like this.

12 June 2023

Emma is currently working on her Maturaarbeit about creating an effective promotional strategy for a donkey rescue center on the Azores Islands. When asked how she came up with her project idea, Emma explains that she has always been an animal lover and that her family “always does something to experience with people who live and work there” when vacationing in the Azores. This motivated her to find out how she could help the local people, not just with donations but with sustainable solutions.

It was then that she realized that businesses, big and small, all have their own Social Media pages and that this was a great opportunity to reach a wider audience that could help the donkey rescue center.

Emma is in the process of creating her project, which includes market analysis models to analyze the impact of Social Media on businesses. Based on these foundations, she will then be working on a strategy to promote the Center. As for which channels she’ll be using, Emma plans on making use of both Facebook and Instagram, as they are not only easier to connect but also have the right target demographic of “families or people visiting the Azores who are looking for a day of fun on the mainland.” This will allow her to reach these people with the Center’s message and potentially convince them to donate or even volunteer.


That said, Emma acknowledges that there are some downsides to Social Media: “It takes a significant amount of effort to create posts that follow the rules and regulations, and this is why I am working on a content calendar to make it easier for me.” Additionally, she’s interested in exploring possible partnerships with other animal charities or tourism sites related to the Azores Islands in order to reach an even wider audience.

So far, Emma has found the process challenging but rewarding. She’s currently working day-to-day with the Center’s director to make sure that the project will have the desired result.

In Summer she’s going back to the Azores with her family and hopes that all of her hard work will have paid off by then. We look forward to seeing what she accomplishes and hope that she’ll send us some pictures from her time in the Azores and keeps us updated on the progress of her project.

If you’re interested in her project, don’t hesitate to follow her progress on either of these platforms!

https://donkeysandfriends.com / @donkeysandfriends

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