The Magic of Engagement: "Insights into Why Our Students Love Learning with Us"

Grade 6 is an exciting and formative year for students attending the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) at our Institut Montana. As students embark on this three-year program, they have the opportunity to engage in a variety of enriching experiences that contribute to their overall growth and development. From thrilling physical activities to stimulating academic subjects, Grade 6 at Institut Montana offers a range of opportunities that students cherish and value.

06 June 2023

When asked about their favorite aspect of Grade 6, students expressed their enthusiasm for various subjects and activities.

Darian exclaimed,

"POP!!! Climbing is so much fun and it's great that we don't do the same thing each week." 

The Physical Education Programme, known as POP, stands out as a unique offering that receives high praise from CLSP students. Through POP, students venture off-campus every week to explore a diverse array of local sporting options. From ice-skating and cross-country skiing to indoor climbing or hiking in nearby mountains, students not only develop their athletic abilities but also discover new activities they may never have tried before.

Hans, on the other hand, finds his passion in mathematics. He stated,

"No, it's Maths! Mr. Ngamau is a really fun Maths teacher. He teaches us Swahili as well as Maths! I learn so much in Maths because of our teacher. He makes Maths fun because he doesn't put us under pressure. He teaches us in an encouraging and friendly way, which makes the lessons more interesting."

The engaging teaching methods employed by the dedicated faculty at Institut Montana foster an environment where students can thrive academically. Mr. Ngamau's approach to teaching mathematics not only facilitates effective learning but also instills a love for the subject.

Another student, Rebeca, shared her enthusiasm for Coordinated Sciences. She exclaimed,

"I think it's Coordinated Sciences because we do experiments like exploring sound waves through water and how much air you have in your lungs. I love that we study Biology, Physics, and Chemistry."

Through hands-on experiments and practical applications, students in Grade 6 delve into the fascinating world of science. This multidisciplinary approach allows them to explore different scientific concepts and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world.

While subjects and activities are important, Liana emphasized the significance of the teachers themselves. She expressed,

"I love the teachers. They are really friendly. In my old school, we had less freedom. Here we can walk around the campus and do so many new things."

The supportive and nurturing environment created by the faculty at Institut Montana fosters strong relationships between teachers and students. This, in turn, empowers students to take ownership of their education and pursue their interests with confidence.

For Elisabeth, the Art class holds a special place in her heart. She shared her adoration, stating,

"I adore Art!!! I am free from the rest of the world, and it's not like I have to do something in a specific way. Even if it turns out different, it's accepted. The teacher is really encouraging too. She helps me develop confidence in my skills. It's just really lovely in the Art class. You feel refreshed after every class."

The artistic realm provides students with a sense of liberation and self-expression, where they can explore their creativity without fear of judgment. The supportive guidance of the Art teacher further boosts students' confidence and nurtures their artistic talents.

Institut Montana recognizes that Grade 6 is a critical phase in students' educational journey. With this in mind, the institution aims to foster a passion for learning and cultivate critical thinking skills among its students. Through creative lessons and a range of activities, both inside and outside the classroom, teachers at Institut Montana bring learning to life. By encouraging students to apply their knowledge and present their ideas, the faculty prepares them for success in higher grades and beyond. The ultimate goal is to develop lifelong learners and global citizens who are curious, engaged, and connected to the world around them.

As students progress through Grade 6 and beyond, they build a strong foundation in various subjects. The development of their math and science skills in the lower years equips them with the necessary knowledge to excel in the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme offered in Grades 11 and 12. Institut Montana's flexible program ensures that each student receives tailored support and challenges, with extension activities for stronger students and individual tuition available through the school's learning support department. This personalized approach acknowledges that every student is unique and strives to meet their diverse needs.

Furthermore, Institut Montana's vibrant language program enriches students' linguistic abilities. Classes in English and German, at both basic and advanced levels, form the core of the program. 

Additionally, students have the opportunity to study Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and French. The majority of students at Institut Montana are bilingual, and they take pleasure in communicating with their peers in their native languages. With German being the local language, many students choose to study it, enabling them to pursue higher education in Swiss universities or gain admission to esteemed institutions worldwide.

Grade 6 at Institut Montana offers a holistic and enriching educational experience for students. From thrilling physical activities to engaging academic subjects and a supportive learning environment, students embark on a transformative journey of growth and discovery. As they progress through the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, students at Institut Montana develop a love for learning, critical thinking skills, and a global perspective that prepares them to succeed in higher education and become responsible citizens of the world.

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