Our students competing at International Mathematics competitions

They performed amazingly and brought home one gold medal

16 June 2024

This school year, our mathematics competition season kicked off in November 2023 with the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation virtual contest. Our Grade 8 students Faizi, Daniel, Jason Y., Jefferson, Timur, and Grade 7 student Jason W., competed against 61 teams from international schools across Europe. Impressively, the team of Faizi, Jason Y., and Jason W. achieved a remarkable sixth place, making them the top team from Switzerland. Congratulations!

In March 2024, our mathematicians participated in the Känguru contest, joining over 10,000 students from Switzerland. Notably, Daniel and Faizi from Grade 8 placed 31st and 96th respectively, a sensational achievement. The other students (Jefferson, Jason Y, Mariana, Margarita, Timur and Danielle from Grade 8, Jason W and Elisabeth G. from Grade 7) also performed very well, all the work they did during our Maths Club lessons had finally paid off.

In April 2024, five Grade 8 students (Faizi, Jefferson, Jason Y., Mariana, and Margarita) competed in the Middle School Mathematics competition organized by the Frankfurt International School. On the first day, the team of Faizi, Jason Y and Jefferson secured 18th place out of 48 teams. The event concluded with a significant victory as Jason Y. won a gold medal in the chase competition.

Congratulations to all our students for their dedication and outstanding performances! Well done, everyone!

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