Montana student sets out to be a professional football player

Armaan Kalra has a tailored study plan at Montana that should enable him to pursue his passion and fulfill his dream of becoming a professional football player. 

24 September 2018

We provide an individualised and personalised approach to learning and personal mentoring  in order to ensure that our students can reach their full potential and fulfil their dreams. In the case of Armaan Kalra, student at our International School, his dream is to become a professional football player. He has a jam-packed study plan which was specially crafted to allow him to train in Zurich on several days per week.

Since he was little, Armaan has been very passionate about football and claims he would do anything for his sport. In 2015, a German Club called “Hoffenheim” came to India selecting 15 talented boys and giving them the chance to train, study and live in Germany. The choice was made from 50’000 boys and Armaan was one of the few selected. He was only 13 at the time and admits that he struggled with some aspects of his move to Europe: “It was very difficult for me to leave home at this young age. But I consider myself very lucky to have gotten this chance.” Armaan put his heart and soul into his trainings and worked very hard, not only improving his athletic skills, but also learning to speak German at the same time. His hard work paid off. After almost 3 years in Germany, he received the opportunity to play a trial at Grasshopper Club Zurich and was selected to play in the 1st League of the under 18s. He has been playing in Zurich for the last few months and chose Institut Montana Zugerberg for his education. “It’s a beautiful place and everybody at Montana has been really helpful in accommodating my schedule. My schoolmates and teachers always help me with my studies when I miss something due to my training sessions.” When asked about his dreams, Armaan has a very clear vision: “So far, no Indian plays professional football in Europe, so that’s something I would love to achieve – my absolute dream club for this would be Arsenal in London!”

We will keep supporting and cheering for Armaan and our football teams in the future and look forward to everything they will achieve!

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