Life at our Swiss Boarding School

Study in Switzerland at Institut Montana

Students from the ages of 10 to 19 can live at Institut Montana as boarders at our residential school. We accept weekly boarders as well as those who make Montana their home for the whole school term. Our boarders come from all over the world (some even from close by) and they form a vibrant, multi-national community of which we are proud. Swiss boarding schools have a long history of providing excellent education in beautiful surroundings. They benefit from the economic security and stable environment of their home country. At Institut Montana you will find all this in an atmosphere like that of a supportive family, where everyone will look out for you and encourage you to be your best. 

Our Swiss boarding school has three houses. Rooms are shared between two students, single rooms are also available. All accommodation is spacious and well-equipped with washing facilities as well as comfortable areas for leisure and recreation. Each is staffed by experienced house parents who bring a depth of understanding to their care of the girls and boys they help grow into responsible young adults. You will find that trust and respect are important values that go together and are being shared. 

Girls live in the elegant Felsenegg building in recently modernised rooms flooded with light from large windows opening onto spectacular views.   

Older boys live on the top floor of our main building, Grosses Haus, and are encouraged to develop the self-responsibility and self-discipline that will guide them as they move onto life beyond school. 

Haus Juventus is for our younger boys. Here you will find cosy rooms for sharing time, whether it be watching movies seated on our fun beanbags or playing table football, while learning to live in harmony. 

As well as coming to study in Switzerland you also come here to live and grow. As a boarder at Institut Montana you will find a wealth of opportunity on your doorstep. Our playing-fields and tennis courts adjoin forests where you can learn to appreciate the glories of nature. The lake invites you for a swim on a hot summer day; two kilometres of challenging mountain bike trail descend from the school. On winter weekends there are ski trips, and we have skates for our artificial ice-rink. History, culture and shopping are to be found in the nearby cities of Zurich and Lucerne.

This part of Switzerland is a healthy place to grow, a fascinating place to live, and a wonderful place to attend a Swiss boarding school.

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