School Facilities

Facilities at our Swiss International Boarding School 

Our two main school buildings have a lot of history. They were originally elegant hotels for visitors to the Zugerberg who came to enjoy its health-giving location. They have been renovated to provide spacious and comfortable facilities for a contemporary school; they meet the highest safety standards while retaining their historic charm.  

Our “Grosses Haus”, first opened in 1869 as the Grand Hotel Schönfels, is the epicentre of school life. Here you find the dining hall, the ‘Blue Room’ for students to meet, play and relax, classrooms and offices.  

The lower floors of Felsenegg accommodate classrooms, offices, our media centre, art room, study hall and fitness area. The magnificent Aula is here, where events and conferences are held in style.  

Our youngest children have their own area at our Bilingual Elementary school, with airy classrooms and separate play facilities. 

Our campus delights with contrasts – from the modern Pavillon where you find classrooms for science, technology and economics, via the chemistry laboratories in Juventus, to the Chalet Suisse, originally built as the Swiss exhibit at 1906 World Trade Fair in Milan and transported afterwards to its present location.  

Outside areas are an essential part of our healthy lifestyle. They are also attractive, surrounded by meadows, pastures and woods. They provide opportunities for summer sports –a natural grass football pitch, tennis courts, beach volleyball court and basketball courts, mountain bike downhill course; and winter pass-times - our artificial ice rink, sledging run, cross-country circuit and beginner slope ski lift.  

They provide opportunities for fun and relaxation. The Sunset Grill on the terrace of Grosses Haus is a delightful venue for summer events. The walk between lessons along a tree-lined avenue provides the fresh air that keeps your mind awake to keep learning, as well as a chance to let off steam ready to focus back on your studies.

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